October 4th, 2004

aloque | 04/10/2004, 22:40 hrs

To say that I have missed this space would be a lie. To say that I missed writing would be true. My thoughts weren't of myself and the thoughts I had were too personal to put down anywhere. The past month has been such a whirwind of emotions, that I have had no time for myself. Last evening, reality caught up to me, as it has to. Answering to parents, mine and others', thinking about her, spending every spare moment with her, I forgot a lot of other things. A loss of balance means that I have to hit the floor sometime. And I have.

I am glad to have come back to the world, because it makes things more real. It puts my mast month in perspective and I do not view us any differently. That makes me glad, almost relieved. I didn't want to wake up and see that my world was a dream.

There are some tough times ahead. I have got to be there for a lot of people, and not forget myself. That sounds so much easier than it is. Being here for myself has become so tough lately.

Settling down to a working atmosphere, missing the group of awesome people I spent the last month with, finally finding the time to realise that my focus is wandering, and that my goals seem as undefined as the day I was born, I sit here today determined to do differently.



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Responses to October 4th, 2004

  1. welcome back...missed you.

  2. smiles, sounds like a plan :) good hunting

  3. I've been waiting for u to realise.. :-)At least the balance part.
    Been hopin it wld be sooner rather than later.

  4. And good luck with it then. :)

  5. you know guys, i knew that the four of you would leave me words of encouragement. Feels good. Thanks so much.
    Lily...how have you been..i still haven't read TLP..how bad have I been?
    Aran...still kicking ICFAI butt?
    Inez...read the review...rocks...good to see that you got the mention you deserve...

  6. and what the hell is wrong with the time on this site.
    Days when I get up at 7 am, I want the earth to know..

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