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some humour

ajayg | 08 March, 2005 14:26

I have an extreme habit of cracking jokes on sardars. Its not that i hate them, its i like them more. I feel they are always down to earth and they also crack jokes on themselves and laugh !!

I am a natural speaker and i speak in many seminars (sachi se yaar). One day i was invited to speak in one of the sardar community forum regarding some human pshychology. I thought i should crack one joke before i begun serious discussions as soon as i started cracking the joke i remembered i was in a sardor congregation. So immediately i changed the topic

There was once a gujrathi, and he ....

Immediately a sardar sprang up and saw me with glaring eyes. I thought arre bhai aaj hum gaye...and he instanteously shot saying "Sir, kya sab sardar mar gaye hai kya?"..

Tax Tax Income Tax

ajayg | 01 March, 2005 23:29

Voila, The tax has come down.. now i have to pay a little less to the govt. But the saved money cant be spent , thats the condition then tha means i cant buy AC mobile phones ,though they are cheaper.

I can save  1L into any kind of savings and there are 17-18 items which include most of those that are in Sec. 88. So that means, we have a straight away tax with no STD (standard Tax Deductions). So, wheres the money gone until you were 70 K benefits , we can save the std deductions into a insturment. So ideally the standard deduction has gone into some section of savings.

The FM would have thought that the money saved in the bank gives me more easier to access than the money in the people :)

anyway, its a win-win situation

funny PC and Funny Man

ajayg | 01 March, 2005 23:18

It had been a norm of all govts. to revert some or other measure due to public outcry. If the public does not have one, then they feel the budget is not a prosperous one

or can i say since the budget was good in all fronts buri nazar nikalne ke liye - they made a good worthless funny measure.

like they say in  indiatimes, "whatever"  the measure to me was funny when i read that but realized how many times i go to bank to withdraw 10000 Rs/- ? for running a family (my house in chennai is next to a ICICI ATM) my dad withdraws money almost like every week around 3k and that wud be more than sufficient for him for all other expenses like utiliy bills, mobile bills, credit cards he never uses money but uses cheques.

So why would i withdraw 10k ? for giving someone as a loan who needs cash to be deposited and why would he deposit cash ? We dont need to show the source of cash or our PAN number and does not get reported until 50k of money so i get 2Lakhs of money from some source (unknown and unquotable) and i take into confidence 4 friends of mine to make the black into white and deposit 49.9 K into each of their accounts and ask them to withdraw over every other day.

So, IT is ok with 4 individuals getting 49.9 k and that being given as a loan. If given as a cheque it would be quoted as a valid findable transaction. if i withdraw cash and give it to the other friend and he deposits the next day with a small round robin i have withdrawn 2l from 4 different account with a min of 4 permutations and made the unaccountable money into accountable money.

while the friend who stores this money into his account he happily does not need any reference if IT asks him why he withdrew 49.9 k he could say for his monthly expenses and noone asks him why 50k of expenses. But ppl...think why do we need 10k of money to be spent on one day?

ok , the corollary is if i have a black money of 2L and if i withdraw 2L from 4 different accounts i lose a max of 200 Rs/- which is nothing compared to the amount of money i evade as tax !! so whats the purpose then?

The only purpose i see is with this there would be more outcry and cribbing and feeling laughed at rather than any purpose :(

VAT ... VAT ..traders / tax evaders and the poor .. The sufferings shall come to an end

ajayg | 24 February, 2005 14:24

I disagree with what Aziz had said about the VAT. Instead its going to be a boon in disguise.. How? is the obvious question that would arsie in ur mind. LEt me explain VAT.

Farmer fams wheat...he sells it for 100 .. Pays a tax on the revenue @ 20% = 20 Rs.

Baker buys the wheat makes it into bread .. sells it for 150 pays a tax on the revenue @ 20% = 30 Rs/-

Retailer buys the bread and sells it to you at 200 Rs/- and incurs a tax on the reveune @ 20% = 40 Rs/-


The total cost of the wheat @ 100 becomes 200 and the tax on that wheat is 20+30+40 = 90 Rs/-. So eventually for a 100 Rs/- wheat the tax is 90 Rs/- And who is paying for the entire tax ? the people like u and me !!

During the VAT regime how it works

VAT = Value Added Tax

Wheat - 100 Rs  - Value Added 100 Rs   Tax @ 20% = 20 Rs

Bread -  150 Rs -  Value added 150 (Selling price) - 100 (Cost Price) = 50 Rs/ Tax @ 20% on 50  = 10 Rs/-

Bread to customer - 200 Rs/- value added 200 - 150 = 50 Rs/- Tax @ 20% = 10 Rs/-

Total Tax paid = 20+10+10 = 40 Rs/- . So the savings goes to the trader and the baker and so effectively the consumers will survive.

Why do people then say VAT is going to kill us ?

India is a land of Tax evaders .. Where the tax evasion is higher the tax what the baker and the retailer collects does not go to the government, inturn who loses the money ? its not the salaried class or the rich but the poor for who has to pay the TAX which is not paid to the Govt and enjoyed by the traders. So the traders make a huge hue and cry.

State govt makes a hue and cry coz until today the tax collection goes to state govt. Now it goes to the central govt.

Think...People Think when you say VAT is going to kill us.. Its not VAT its the no payable of this is going to kill us. LEt us not pay for what we did not do.. But lets pay for what we earn..

Microlight Aircrafts - II

ajayg | 23 February, 2005 23:48

There are 500 X-air variations of Microlight around the world. This itself enough to speak about hte popularity. This is mainly used by farmers for crop spraying and can go on an altitude of 20000 km. This can go at a speed of 80 km/h .

more spec detaisl are available from this website. The reason for this not being popular in India one could be the parking place. Second, it can carry only 2 passengers (including the pilot). So, its kind of my own plane. I was telling my mom this idea and she was dead against this coz of hte fact that i cant take both dad and mom together.

Anyway, for sometime i was thinking of its usage and needs for a normal person like me . I shall put it in next blog. But the specs for this is

Stall Speed 45 Km/h
Max Speed level flight 120 Km/h
Min Practical Speed level flight 65 Km/h
Economy Cruise 80 - 100 Km/h
Best Rate of Climb 3 meters/sec At 80 km/h
Best Glide Ratio 9 to 1
Distance to clear 15 m at Take off 220 meters
Distance to clear 15 m at landing 230 meters
Rolling Distance at Take off 100 meters
Fuel Consumption 13 litres/hour at 80 Km/h
Useful ceiling 12000 ft


Third could be due to the rolling distance at take off . It requires 100 meters and people living in the city cannot afford in the middle of the city a 100 mts distance .

I think working for microsoft is a definite advantage coz there is enough parking place for my aircraft and also the take off distance but i wonder the travelling time from home (chennai) to office. ITs almost 300 crow flies distance ;)

Microlight Aircrafts

ajayg | 23 February, 2005 23:40

There are 4 varieties of aircrafts which are in the vincity of usability. These can be categorized as basic , training, travelling and other usages. These are called as gliders, power gliders, microlight x-air and x-air gunman. The thing is gliders cost around 100,000 Rs/- and power gliders to the range of 1,15,000 to 7,00,000 Rs/- the third category is the microlight x-air (my favourite one). This costs around 7,15,000 to 9,60,000 (x-air gunman). 

The difference between x-air and x-air gunman is in the wings the x-air has a fixed wings giving a comfortable radial turn while the gunman has a flexi-wing that means a 180 degree turn is possible by rotating the wings.

These are manufactured in a company called Raj Hamsa in bangalore (Believe it, its manufactured in India). If you look at it the difference in the rates within the same model is due to the engines.

There are two types of engines in each variety

1. Rotor


both are german ones, one of them is air-cooled and the other is liquid cooled. So in the liquid coolant is safer than air-cooled coz of the stability and predictability.

Both are German motors. and their performances are same. I shall list donw the performances and the website details in next blog...


To be continued !!

Lazy me!! not my mistake

ajayg | 23 February, 2005 22:27

me being lazy is not my mistake.. I did not come to office yday. I had fever and i told my mom that i did not go office yday and she was telling me that i was just lazy to have a bath and thats the reason i did not go to office . Coz, i had known that if you were not lazy even when u r dying you would want to go to office so its sheer laziness.

I was wondeirng if what she said is true.. and it seems according to this article in indiatimes . People who live longer are generally lazy and there is an scientific study on it.

So next time, when your parent says you are lazy just tell them that you are planning to live longer!! . Be lazy and Be there :)

forgot my mobile phone

ajayg | 23 February, 2005 21:27

U know when life revloves around this gadget and you know all the loved ones (bosedk, not only my girl friends , i meant my parents, sister) communicate everyday, you know you are missing something.

Somethings in life are taken for granted . I could forget my ID card to office (never happpenedd in lifee) but forgetting the mobile is out of question and out of standards. I have set some standards in life and i breached it.

Mobile has been the most used gadget of mine (dont count the water closet in the restroom). Usually when my friend was in india, there wud b hardly any moment when i am without my mobile. Now that i dont call her using mobile, i have 100 different ways usage of my mobile during the day time is meant only for alarm and not for anything else.

This contains a inbuilt camera and i had been shooting pictures, which are also blogged in a site called http://lovableflowers.blogspot.com

so if you want to reach me today...you know call me in the night...

Long time since i wrote

ajayg | 23 February, 2005 21:21

Long time since i thought i will write, once the thought came and i had forgotten my password so the thought evaporated before started writing. Writing a blog is one of hte most fav hobbies of mine, so that means i had no time to write a blog...

Well, the other reason is .. i was doing my MBA in xLRI the final term and was in jamshedpur for the classes and the exam. Not that i am very studious student but i get tired easily.

Now my friend had gone to US for a 3 month project, I feel left alone. Without her life is like a nonsensical picture of oneself lying around with to od nothing (if it does not sound what i wanted to say, then rephrase and mail it to me...and if it sounds what i did not want to say.. just drop dead...i know what i wanted to say)..

for now this is it..but i am back..will defntly write more do read and email me your comments to ajay.kumar@gmail.com

Take this challenge

ajayg | 23 February, 2005 16:54

Join me in Ohri's for a good dinner on this weekend by giving out the BEST entry on what you can do with a microlight!!

Participants give me your entries in comments section and we all shall choose the best one on this friday..

what all can u do with a microlight?

ajayg | 23 February, 2005 16:19

I was thinking of ways and means to use the microlight . The first advantage that came to my mind is

1. Propose your girl friend for marriage in mid-air

2. Nice way to have a date. you dont need to search for a secluded place to cuddle each other

3. For girls who are scared of darkness take them to the stars and tell them to hug u tight otherwise you would not come down

4. Travel to home and to office would take 3 hours and total journey is 6 hours and its worth and have a nice home cooked meal.

5. Wherever your girl friend is be with her.

6. Can stay back in girl friends place and say that you are in hyderabad when you really are in chennai.

7. a long drive would mean a vacation to delhi / agra / singapore / srilanka.

8. A vacation with  this would mean a stopover in 4 countries and u can evidently travel to London / paris.

9... i am not able to write anymore ..fingers are paining so why dont u throw up an idea.


Merc or Microlight

ajayg | 23 February, 2005 10:54

I was planning to buy a merc (saale, abhi nahi....after 2007 August). I was discussing with one another friend of mine which one to buy and we were discussing on the models and the prices. I know the E class prize coz i used to sell the bookings of the car in 1995.. Now you know where the salesman in me come out. I used to work in chennai, Bank of America selling MERC "E" class bookings.

There are two varieties in E class called E220 the petrol version and E250 the diesel one and cost almost like the version numbers the petrol  costs less around 22,00,000 Rs/- and Diesel around 24,50,000 Rs/-. There was an ad for the same at 0% interest that you pay 2,00,000 in the inital amount and 30k per month emi for 7 years (84 months). I got fascinated to the ad and that would not be a great deal for me after couple of years. So i decided to buy a merc.

Now my friend said ajay, why do you want to buy a merc . have you ever thought of buying a aircraft ? He was asking it very politely as if have you ever thought buying a MTB Ranger. I was laughing at him and said kya mujhe pagal samaj rahe ho ? Infact i was pissed!!

Then he explained me that there is a version called Microlight aircraft and it would cost around 9,00,000 Rs/- and i can get a good loan at 0% interest from the banks and i should try it. Well i did a lot of Research i will post it in the next blog

coming back

ajayg | 08 November, 2004 23:42

I had booked my ticket from gtl to hyd and had a w/l 3. It became a RAC and i had to share with another gentleman. I cannot sleep then, sleep deprievation is the most biggest punishment for any individual living or dead ;).

The train strated and i went and saw all the berths if there is any empty to go and have a sleep. I found one berth empty and informed the TTE that it is empty, he said it cannot be and had a tough argument and he gave up :) i am very good @ negotiation. I told him if someone comes and claims it i wud give the berth away. He atlast agreed (he thot he could make up some money).

It was fun to watch his face in public relenting after the tough fight, he was about to sell it to someone else for money and also another guy with a RAC number smaller than mine was also wanting some berth.

But somehow i managed to get it and sleep, and noone woke me up until the train reached kacheeguda.

I took the ric to kondapur and the auto guy did not know the road (or was he acting) and he made me pay 100 for kacheeguda to kondapur that was way expensive.

Came home and found the house to be locked !!

Asked the watchman to open the door and went for a second round of nap!! 

Granny expired

ajayg | 08 November, 2004 23:37

I think she was jus waiting to see me. I went in held her hands told her few comforting words and i went away to Tadipatri where another aunt of mine stays. Came back in the night . She called my name and was asking about her elder sister (yet another granny).

In the morning wee hours she was gasping for breath and atlast she struggled for breathing and she died peacefully as if nothing has happened. She died.

All her daughters (from near and far) came down to Guntakal to see her off with tears in their eyes. A mother is always a mother , you can never hate her!!

Came back in a sombre mood to hyderabad.

Off to Guntakal

ajayg | 08 November, 2004 23:14

Its been almost more than a decade I visited my aunts and uncles who are from the district. These people are the still traditional people who are in the townships. Both my dad and mom native is in the middle of rayalaseema, the spice of Andhrapradesh. Though I was born and brought up in Chennai. My mom had advised me to meet my granny who is sick. So I planned to go to Guntakal.

< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> 

Guntakal is a town known as a big junction for the < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Bombay trains to Chennai. I remember how I used to come here and play with the kids. I learnt how to cycle for the first time in here. We used to come for our summer vacation and spend time with our granny and granddad.


I did not book the train, since my stay over the weekend was already in too many rounds of discussions. But I was determined to go. I was either to go to Delhi to conduct some interviews this week or not. So when my boss told me that I need not go this time, I said voila and started planning.


I had my train from kacheeguda to Gtl the Bangalore going train from hyderabad.  Its after a very long time I am traveling in the south bound trains (though I had been to hyderabad from Chennai 3 months ago). But after started working, I never went in a general ticket to any place.


I had my train @ 8.40 and until 7.15 I had a meeting with my boss, I asked him if he could drop me in the station. My boss and I have some similarities, he has my favourite car (Scorpio). I will tell you why I did not buy a scorpio in a diff episode, and its in dark green. My car is also green (same pinch boss!!).


The driver started to go and we asked him to drop me off to kacheeguda. Faced the reality of traffic in hyderabad. It took us almost all 1 hour to go to kacheeguda. I told my boss that he would have to drop me in kondapur if I don

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