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Charming_Light | 22 March, 2005 16:25 many other emotions, within us which we do not realize. Its a very mystic feeling that can strike anyone and ruin them to any extent. This feeling of mine 'Ego' has been a very gud friend of mine rather I would say I hav been a very gud friend of it. I never used to allow anyone to damage my Ego. I have been cherishing this feeling of mine, giving it different names.....bluntness, self-esteem, audacity and what not? I did neither care for my parents nor my close pals as long as I was with my Ego. I wud prefer hurting myself but not my ego. Thanks to my family and friends to brook my eccentricities.

Anybody who tries to inflict my ego was my enemy. I was never a happy-heart with many grudges within me, with so much of loathing that was mysteriously making me loose my friends, who were supposed to have been my gud friends forever. That proves again that none other than family members could bear other's oddities. I was insecure whenever I used to rake on these old issues without thinking about what's going wrong with in me. As somebody said 'the mind can make a heaven out of hell or a hell out of heaven'.

I hated myself when I had to put down my ego aside to say 'sorry' to someone, albiet theres no mistake on my side. But what did I loose saying so? Let me too quench some one else's thirst for ego. I pity that person who's still ignorant to realize her/ his own feeling of 'ego', whos got the royalty of getting a sorry from me. But I no more repent or feel sorry for this. I care a darn for it. I do not atone any more, as long as it makes me feel lighter and happier. I never knew that its this easy to be a happier, mightier heart.

To many am a big fool who thinks beyond the boundaries lost in a fairyland. But I am my own role model who inspires me along my path of life. Again this is not any sort of vanity. Its zus a way of introspecting me, myself and my world. I no longer hold any contempts, I am no longer snobbish, but all that I am is with a more contended heart that sans hatred. Hmm...cheers to me!!!

Little Things

Charming_Light | 11 February, 2005 21:15

Life is not always about the people we live with. It has got some more stuff like books, movies, music, memories etc. We tend to be in some one's company, listening to their gibbers. Not many enjoy thier solitude. We keep complaining that life is boring. We think the person next to us is enjoying her/ his life and try to mimic what she/he does. we fail to see what interests us. We do not try to contemplate if that is what we are looking for?

For example, if some one says that they enjoyed thier weekend watching a movie we try to do the same in order to tell some one that I too enjoyed my weekend in doing such-and-such a thing. We try to see happiness from others perspective. We keep listening to others are deaf to what our heart says. In doing so we again get bored soon and start whining about life.

How about introspecting what happiness means to us? How about speculating little things which full fill our lifes? Life is never boring. Its our creativity to make it interesting. When we think with an open mind, things are crystal clear to us and we can enjoy each and every moment of our life.  Look at the little things and hail your life with open arms.

Life is an unasnwered question

which do not need any discretion.

Life is a procession of unforeseen changes

Heed to your heart to clear all these hazes.

Life is a track of ups and downs

Life is a path of twists and turns

Do not wail on the past to make it yours.

Chasing Dreams...

Charming_Light | 02 February, 2005 11:39

We often succumb to what life brings us rather than fighting for what we want. Zus wondering is there something called 'fate', so that we can blame it for our failures or impuissance. Inspite of working hard to achieve what we want, if we do not get it, does that mean that we are a failure? Are we not worthy enough to have it? Everyone would ahve gone thru a phase of life where nothing would have been in our control and we just see the game that the life plays with us. There comes a situation where we need to priotitize things and its sad if one has to forgo their dreams.

                                We dream many things and look forward to pursue them, to make them come true. I do not see anyone who is satisfied with his/ her life inspite of all the luxuries/ comforts he/ she has, if one has not achieved thier dreams. Inspite of all the happiness one enjoys they always have a pinch some where in the corner of their heart that they could not make their dreams come true. It doesn't matter what you have today, all that matters is have you got what you wanted? Time may heal many things but never a heart that hasn't quenched its thirst for making its dreams come true.

                                                                     But still we tend to dream and that is what we are - human beings, always with a hope for betterment. Few are lucky enough to pursue their dreams. We might have to forfiet our dreams for umpteen number of reasons, but all of them being excuses for our cowardiness. If one is ready to take the risk to reach his goal there is nothing that could stop as the whole world conspires in helping you to achieve it.

A Relation...

Charming_Light | 25 January, 2005 13:45

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What is a relation? NO wonder there would be many explanations/ interpretations for this? But do we really mean what we say? Most of us in this present world of modernization give importance only to materialistic things but not for those values/ principles/ morales/ thoughts. Today in any sort of relation people tend to be more practical.


                                                                          We meet many people in our day-to-day life, we share many things with the ones who are close to us or to say with the ones with whom we share a 'realtionship'. But when the time comes when we no longer need them we just ignore them or forget them with time. So there

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