21 Aug 2004

Where are they???

Posted by Divakar in General | 1:21pm

The warmth of those delicate hands,
the whispers of the feet,
the feeling of that gentle touch,
the smile in the greet,
the fragrance that lingers,
the words that you speak,
the sweet shower of emotions,
the beauty at its peak.
The thunder in the eyes,
the freshness in the voice,
the ocean of a heart,
fortunate is the one of your choice.

Time took me to a different place,
left me lonely as always,
been searching for a glimpse eversince,
looking for a drop of trace,
searched every city, every lane,
i was left with an ounce of pain.
I feel you around when i pray,
but sometimes i really wonder,
where are they????
where are they????

Current Mood: Thoughtful
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