26 Aug 2004

Man in the mirror

Posted by Divakar in General | 8:09pm

I look at a face in the mirror,

I do not recognise him,

I try to capture his picture,

I do not memorize him.

He keeps smiling back at me, constanly,

never tries to convey anything,

and i carry the burden of his smile.

It was no da vinci code,

all he tried to say is,

"keep smiling and forget your sorrows,

cause there is another tomorrow.

The world does not understand your pain,

they think you are out of your brain.

Laughter is the best medicine i've known,

an ecstacy on which i've grown.

Bury this seed inside your heart,

nourish it well to live your remaining part".

I laughed and cared less about the aftermath,

Iam not drunk, but realise,

serendipity is my path.

Current Mood: Gloomy
Current Music: fade to black- metallica