7 Sep 2004

Dead man walkin!!!

Posted by Divakar in General | 3:59am

Who said that there are no jobs in India??? I was very lonely this afternoon, had nothing to do and my heart was not into my assignment. So i decided to read one of the boring Australian newspapers(trust me guys, the newspapers here are really boring). On the contrary, it is very interesting to know that there is some news about India everyday. Well, i can assure you that you would never find anything about our It sectors doing well or our service industry capturing the eye of every nation. You would just find the news that amuses the "firang" and give them a chance to say "it happens only in India".

Well, coming back to the article: A school head master, retired sometime in june last year(btw...this happened somewhere near Delhi), and a month later, the poor guy passed away. However, a couple of days ago, his family recieved a letter from the state government.

Guess what the letter was about??? Well, it was his transfer orders and he's been posted to a different town as a head master of another school.

Now, who says that there are no jobs in India. Jobs are created even for the dead.

May his soul rest in peace!!!!!

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