23 Sep 2004

The unnamed emotion!!

Posted by Divakar in General | 10:12pm

Is it just me?? am i still sane? or am i weird? Well, the other day, one of my very close friends mailed me with a wonderful news. She's getting married!! wow! Its been a while since i heard a pleasant news and this really made my day. I was and still so happy for her. A couple of hours later, another similar news dropped in the mail. Whats goin on??

 But then, there is this unknown fear, an emotion, buried deep inside me. I spent my teens, my most special years with these friends. They have always been there for me, through my thick and thin. Its just the thought that , these buddies would now have a different life, a new family, responsibilities and an entire new world, ... And our relationship would never be the same. It would take a different direction, probably with many uncertainities and there, lies a sense of insecurity.

Iam not saying that they would forget me ..never. Yes, i would always be there in their prayers, in their thoughts, but the good old times?? Wish i could turn back time. Just the memories remain. Its this possessive feeling of "my friends", and the thoughts of being alone again, without these mates, is unimaginable. I understand, we all need to move on with our lives, and its their turn now. My best wishes with them. Dont know why i had such a selfish thought.

Am i weird?? or have you been through this??

Any thoughts??

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