30 Oct 2004

The two of us...

Posted by Divakar in General | 7:31pm

There are the two of us sitting in the room. I'll be home soon, in a couple of months. Iam scared that, at some point we'll face each other. We made a sad peace, a few years ago. But i could still feel those eternal whisperings in the silent heaven. Would you be the same?? or have you already changed?? will I be able to recognise you?? How can i ever forget the softness of your hands, like that of a new born, your flowing hair, like a running stream in spring or your mesmerizing eyes. When i meet you, i would long to touch your skin and drown myself in those days of glory.

Well, here iam, thinking of you, and perhaps you don't even remember my name.

The night ends, and there are still the two of us sitting in the room, me and my solitude.

Current Mood: Gloomy
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