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gollum | 31 October 2004, 11:45am

whats it with the girls...accepted i dont appreciate humour, i have low iq dont know when to smole and when to be serious.
i can never mature...but thats just me...yup i dont know whats a relationship whats a commitment...but if she wants me to
to hang around her all the while...if she wants me to fake be artificial..i just cant be that i am what i am...if my philosophy
doesnt match the rest..i just cant help it..can i ...i know the fault lies in me...what can i do...if i believe that there are two forms
of life...bacteria and parasites...parasites always need a host to survive...they cant be individual...bacteria can become hard times they can live by thamselves..
i am not saying that i can live all by myself but if i dont share my sadtimes does it mean that i am not sharing it with her...what does she want...
that i should cry on her shoulder whenever i have some problems...thats just not me..i can tackle my own problems...she thinks i am reserved i dont talk much..
i am not saying the whole system is wrong...i am only saying that i am wrong...i like her for what she is...
midlife crisis..definitely not..just a passing phase...think i have to mature...

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gollum | 4 October 2004, 8:41am

whats it that i am scared of...why is it that i do it when iam only drunk...dont ask me ...i cant answer that...although..i shall put forth my theory..may be i am not bothered right now that some ones reading this...who cares...

whats love...relationship...why do we need someone special so that we share our happy moments and sad ones...guess we are are all parasites..we cant live our own..we want someone so that we brag about our them that we are c;ass apart...why do we even want that...according to the the basics we only enjoy the things we do for ourselves...where we donot expect any appreciation...its just that we do it and we should feel happy about it just because we did it...

this contradicts our very own existence...that is if we are not getting anything out of it...then why the hell...should we do it...its all confusing....we need attetion...thets our driving force...hope nobody denys it...

you are good at something because people say you are good at it...otherwise you dont do will always have that wicked smile./..try to to act humble just becuase somebody says you are goood at that...otherwise you dont even care about that thing....

why cant we be above people society...why is it that you have to always crave for that recognition...theres nothing that you can say its your are driven by the passion that you may probably be noticed...just because you have done that....

precisecly thats the reason why i am doing this...simultaneously...i want to be noticed and not...feeling like that electron...which can pass through any one of the slits...but ultimately...forming that integral part of the wave pattern.....always wonder about how an electron can choose any one of the matter what it chooses it does have an important role in forming a pattern....dual nature if confirmed for an can be peacefully put forth for an individual...guess i am toomuch drunk...but i do believe that whatever you are here for a doesnt matter whether your decision is temporarily bad or goor have a part to play in this world ...

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