13 Dec 2004


Posted by Divakar in General | 8:20am

The stars were stoned and the night stripped bare naked, exposing herself to a gloomy day. The pearls dropped from heaven onto the green carpet beneath, drenching the naked trees and making the flowers cry. The past was smiling sorrowfully through a rear view mirror, leaving its footprints on the decayed time. Its legacy was heard in every chord that was played. It echoed a series of faltered art, it was indeed a warcry of a wounded heart.

It was a never ending exile, carying the burden of fragile truth and dominant lies. The frozen feet were tied with heavy chains of emotions, and the pain was harvested in the fields of sorrow. The dead stones finally broke the silence and summoned the courage to confront the fallen goddess. But, it was too late!! The night spread its wings again and carried the day in its womb.

Is this an illusion??

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6 Dec 2004

Yesterdays man!

Posted by Divakar in General | 9:12am

He watches her cry in despair,

he thought he had a tear to share,

he frowns and tries to cry,

with no emotions, his eyes go dry.

On the next path, he hears a frantic laughter,

wondered how it would sound,

if it was his alter.

He is the judge, he is the accused,

in his house of justice,

seems like the emotional turmoil,

charged him with no furthur notice.

Broken thoughts of the faded past,

is indeed a bliss,

no more is he the yesterday's man,

filled with  memories of the last kiss.

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