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soulmates explained

1 Jan, 2005 @ 11:41pm | General

Plato in his Symposium writes about the myth that originally people were all hermaphrodites, then god stepped in and split them into two. Now all the halves wander the world seeking each other

love it seems is the longing for the other half of ourselves we have lost.

that could be the soulmate people speak about.. but mathematically the probability of u encountering, correctly identifying and having all external conditions ideally suited to furthur your union is so remote that its not even worth considering...

so what does that mean? give up hope and latch on to the least displeasing of the lot and make do or occupy the high grounds and conduct a totally undefined search for a form u cannot describe.

a no brainer eh?

what a pity.....................

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the beginning

1 Jan, 2005 @ 11:39pm | General

In the beginning there was the word. thats how a famous book begins.

A new year is a beginning too... and in this one i make my leap into the swanky cyber age by transferring my journal online.

though my motives behind it, remains to be psychoanalysed.

The basic problem seems to be the fact that i'm not aware as to who is it, i'm speaking to.. i have a picture of a vague populance  out there somewhere bored, with time to kill and an inordinate interest in knowing what other people think about , who might stumble on my page to find out what do i consider interesting enough to put up. perhaps he/she/it will be moved enough to leave a remark, scathing or nice . perhaps most probably they'll just move on.

life is a series of chances and we can never find out for sure which one is important and which one isnt.

actually we can never really figure out what we really want.. and thats because we have only one life and only one shot at it.. we dont have the reference of previous lives to guide our actions nor the wisdom of retrospect. so plod on we do.. assuming we are right on track.then later as we near the end we take stock of our lives and wonder if this is how we really wanted to live.. and is this where we wanted to be in at this stage.

the tragedy of life is that we have only one shot at it.

the comedy of life is also that we have one shot at it.

and does it really matter how we lived it? for one day we die and all our thoughts, opinions and accumulated wisdom goes with us.

there must be a point to life.. but i'll be darned if i can see it..


meanwhile.. new year, new beginning, new blog. hip hip hurrah!!

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