For New Year's eve I made the stupidest mistake of going to the building's party. Not only did I realize that I did not know anyone in the building, I also realized that I was so totally bored that I was falling asleep in the party. Thankfully, we had food and I rushed home.

So New Year's Eve - BIG DRAB... More so cuz the whole gang was there in Hyd and I couldn't get to see them, neither could I see my cuzin.

This was made up though, the next day when we went out for a night on the town and it was great. The place was nice, the music quite good, the crowd - there was no crowd as it was a huge place- was phenomenal, swanky, urban, chic and all such adjectives continuously pour in cuz they are what are used to describe such places in newspapers etc. It was quite a nice night. The bill was quite the blow torch, but thankfully only one of us had to stand in its path, face its fury, succumb to its mighty power and use two different cards to pay!!! It's justified considering it's not everyday that fighter pays!


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