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10 Jan, 2005 @ 2:33pm | General

I have just experiance what can truely be termed a heart wrenching trial by fire.

i typed in a fire and storm blog entry. i spend several careful moments thinking it, i spend several more moments writing, then i spent many moments wondering if it pleased my soul to post it. i read it, i pondered over it, i made a few corrections, i thought about it, i contemplated whether this is the sort of things that my blog should contain. i ruminated , i deliberated. finally i got a perfect ending to it.

Then i looked at it with fond satisfaction.. i congratulated myself on finally written a piece worth writing.

and i hit the submit button for the world to read and admire.

i forgot to save.

its all gone.

and nobody knows where.

and gone with it is my brilliant observations on the righteous, the tsunami , of hypocrisy, of my father involved in rescue operations in andamans, his grief over his dead potted plants, of terrorism and the necessity to die spectacularly, of governments and crores. of life and death.


perhaps it is all well.

i wish my last words to be: always save 

Current Mood: Sad
Current Music: comfortably numb