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Books i write

12 Jan, 2005 @ 6:43pm | General

There are all sorts of writers.. writers who write on this , writers who write on that, writers who write like this and writers who write like that.

I'm the writer of writers... i write on all that and this as well as like this and that.

anyways here is what i'm writing at present

A. Self help
1. How to escape with balls intact when attacked by man eating tiger.(refering to eyeballs ofcourse)
2. How to roll the perfect snot ball
3. How to alienate all friends and make lasting enemies.
4. WORK: how to avoid it.
5. BOREDOM: how to live with it.
6. BIG SECRET: (why shd i tell u?)

B. Adventure:
1. Umbaloongapoho : The great nose digger
2. Adventures of zarzan: Clone of Tarzen.
3. Fartman: The human jet propelled pollutant.

C. Romance:
1. The kangaroo rider: greatest love story (mills and boon)
2. The intergalactic banjo player.
3. The arouser of me.

D. Economics:
1. The reducing variables of the diseconomies of the long curve supply chain equations
2. Network rationalization in the short gap public enterprise funds.

E. Murder mysteries:
1. The astounding mystery of the missing underwear
2. The perplexing case of the man who'ld never say hi.
3. "ouch" she screamed
4. Tick tock tick tock tick tock.

F. Philosophy:
1. The wrenching paroxysms of decadent conformists of the emblematic psychedelic psyche republic.
2. Halitosis and the fine art of shoe polish.
3. Where does all the shit go after u flush it?

G. Profound series:
1. The what of the how.
2. The who of the what.
3. The why of the who
4. The when of the why
5. The "is that so" of the when of the why of the who of the what of the how.(collector's issue-advance booking only)

H. Memoirs series
1. The pain and trauma of being the exceptionally brilliant and genius me.
2. My struggles with my genius
3. My experiments with my genius
4. How I feel everyone should be
5. Wonderful me.

I. General interest
1. The life and times of hardworking ants.
2. Confessions of a drunk and morally degraded adulterous bumblebee.
3. There is no point chasing a rainbow: a true account of a person who made several futile attempts.

J. Booker level books:
1. The god of big things
2. To kill two mocking birds.

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bloggers of the world-unite

12 Jan, 2005 @ 2:20am | General

the most entertaining blogs are at the bottom.. not fair. this needs to be corrected. i've put in my mite and boosted everyones views by 1.

what one requires is the collective shoulder of all anononymous bloggers to boost the dissapointed,the disillusioned,and the dishearted.

1. Go to browse blogs section.

2. Display blogs in order of popularity.

3. At the bottom of page are page numbers.

4. Disregard page 10.. there is nothing in it.

5. last man in is  'words,words,words'.

6. start backwards up.

7. pay particular emphasis on entry of "hulk" or "harry" and several similiar gems.

8. very entertaining!

i was dying to comment on certain blogs which had me in tears and rolling about on the floor.. but that would be mean.

the joys of self discovery are  best discovered by self :)


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