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17 Jan, 2005 @ 1:50pm | General

The day begins...

the eye opens..wanders to the clock..Ah! joy, still have 20 minutes more.. such bliss.. feeling of being blessed.. like being handed out a bonus.. 20 beautiful minutes, dreamily laze on..reflect on things, people , events, moments.

smile.. snuggle..feel warm.. happy


The alarm rings, glare at it, switch it off, the clouds of gloom rolling in, have to get up,  groan,  protest, sigh,  glower...

Classic conflict of head over bodily comforts.

Head: up and get going!

Body: ummm...nooooooo....

Head: shut up.. u will be late again.

Body:  its nice and warm and cosy and comfortable like this.

Head: Only hard logic rules me..

Body: u never want me to be happy.. (sulk)

Head: we are both on the same side.. Our master demands our ceaseless best .

Body: ok.. a compromise..without deviating from our principles..

if i dont shave... 5 minutes saved! hurry..reset the alarm for 5 minutes later..ah! snug and warm :)

alarm rings. what ! already!! no polishing shoe.. 5 minutes

alarm rings. damn! i can wear that blue shirt..its wrinkle free.. no ironing required.. 7 minutes.

Alarm rings. bloody hell! no hotwater bath.. cold water will suffice.. 8 minutes.

Alarm rings. i get 5 minutes grace twice a month if i'm late.. 5 minutes

Alarm rings..panic..running out of minutes.

steeling of the mind, determination writ all over,herculean effort... i'm up.

hurry ..scurry

reach office..


Current Mood: Bad Hair Day
Current Music: Wake me up