I wonder why I choose songs titles for my blog titles.. but I guess it is just cuz I associate my thoughts to the titles of those songs. Anyway, that is immaterial at the present moment. This blog post is not about that.
Last week was quite hectic and I had the wonderful opportunity of spending sankranthi in a village. The traditions, the simplicity, the joy or having an occasion smiling across every individual's face. New clothes, be they 30 Rs. of 300 Rs. were displayed by everyone.
There are so many things we do in the city, but some of the most fulfilling tasks are often overlooked. When was the last time you served food to a family from a not so well to do back ground?
When was the last time you went to party with ur friends and blew a couple of hundred or even thousand? If not all, I am sure quite a few have done this..
Fundamental questions such as: does the satisfaction compare? if you give an entire family new clothes and good food to eat, does their goodwill for you match those of ur fellow partiers?
As I stayed on and listened to a few people, I could see that they were unafraid of sharing their pains. They are looking for solutions, not masking their inadequacies with their egos, they were unafraid of being judged, slotted or simply having their lives out in the open. They don't expect you to be the same, they just hope that you will contribute to society (their society) and create an immediate effect for a better life.
We are a afraid. We live in our own shells, our own carved out caves and cages, protected from each other.
When I was a kid, I was taught this trick with a looped string called cats in the cradle - a form of entangling the strings to create different shapes and finally making all the tangles disappear.
Sankranthi was great, I remembered this trick, and realised we were playing the role of entanglement! Where was our jumble doctor? Would he/she come and straighten things out? This is a start to attack a few fundamental fears - look within... what would you like to simplify?

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