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Jawj goes wandering

20 Jan, 2005 @ 4:35am | General

We can never be genuine in public because the moment we are noticed we make allowances for that eye.

Effectively it means neither mine nor anybody's blog is a genuine reflection of themselves and on bigger broader terms nobody we meet or interact is their real self

The only way we can truely know people is by voyeuring into their minds

since that is something we cannot do.. we can never know anyone except ourselves.

we are all performers performing to each other. Success is measured by how pleasingly entertaining u have been.The actor does not act for himself.. he acts for the audience and he needs a response if not appreciation.

To kill a performer.. ignore his performance.


what is it like in the world of the deaf?

what is it like in the world of the blind?

Our perceptions shape our reality.. and reality differs from one to another. we are all individually right but collectively wrong. None of us will ever know the truth..though most of us will find compatible approximations.

The most profound set of questions i ever encountered where all asked within a span of an hour by a person who is yet to be properly toilet trained.

There is no dearth of answers ....there are many paths available for the taking..  religious zealots will show me one, spiritual zealots will show me one, all sorts of guru's and masters will show me one and each will guarantee.. his is the path.

A determined man is hard to break

A determined man with a determined idea is very difficult to break

A determined man with a determined idea and who believes he is righteous is impossible to break

Righteousness is the highest form of muleheadedness.. It is a cloak which gives it wearer the air of superior smugness.

There is nothing as pitiable as the righteous man.

We are a piece in a Kaleidoscope. we are part of a picture but the picture changes with every movement.. who can say which picture is the true picture?

None of it..yet all of it

i agree with nothing yet i disagree with nothing

U say i make statements that contradict yet i say i do not.

one just needs to read between the lines, think beyond the thought, see behind the view and feel above the sensation.

basically leave all the hardwork on the other.

A determined man will find sense in the vaguest of things....


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