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The Blogman

15 Feb, 2005 @ 6:40pm | General

I strongly resent this gentleman on the left hand corner of my screen.

He is the patron saint of the fully hyd blog community, go to the browse blog section he is there. He is standing next to his traffic light looking with a look that is totally open to intepretation.. there is a tinge of pity there is some irritation, there is definitely the "i'm watching you" look. There is also something of a beginning of a sneer.

He is caucasian between 22-26 yrs . european. possibly mediterranean. He needs either a haircut or some hair gel.

He looks like a nice guy, has a sad mouth, is probably sensitive with a squeaky voice.

what i dont like is.. why is he there?

He is always there and he sees everybody as they type in their blogs . As i write this..he is up there with his curiously piteous look. i dont want him there.. even if he is there i dont want him to be looking at me.

Everything was fine in the beginning.. i scarcely noticed him.. then one day while wondering what to write, i saw him there.. i saw him looking at me.. and its been a hunted feeling ever since.

I write in a sentence.. i look at him.. i note the censorship in his face.. i delete the sentence.

I write another sentence.. i look at him.. he seems to approve of this one.. i move to the next sentence.

This post i'm writing with my eyes squeezed so narrowly that i cant see him... but i know he is up there.

This is how perfectly sane people go paranoid.. how can u be ok when somebody is always watching u.


I call him the Blogman.. and the blogman is watching u

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The Konju Dish

12 Feb, 2005 @ 5:25pm | General

140 odd km from cuddapah in the direction of the fabled god city of tirupati.

The fatigue from 4 straight days behind the wheel hitting me squarely between the shoulder blades.

Its 3:30 pm in the afternoon and the sun has been unsparing in its tanning efforts with me. Deep rumblings in my stomach directs my attention to the fact that I haven

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2 Feb, 2005 @ 12:30am | General



interesting read...

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