Most times
    like wails behind glass doors,
    into another eyes, I look but never see
    the love, the hurt, a thousand words
    spoken on a muted TV.

Some times
    like life passing in a flash,
    a new face, I see in a strange city
    the hope, the longing, the tacit promises
    that second lasts an eternity.

Those times
    like walking into a trap,
    caught in that space, my eyes or theirs
    is it me or is it them
    which ones speak? who hears?

All times
    like life is playing a game,
    it hides me, it seeks me
    I lose, I win, I start all over again
    but life prevails; and it lets me be.

Guru speak: Join The Army, Visit exotic places, meet strange people, then kill them.

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