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The purveyor

20 Mar, 2005 @ 3:04pm | General

The purveyor of all things stood before us.

Dressed in imposing attire and magnificent cloak he walked to and fro with his hands clasped behind him, his brow knitted, and his hawk eyes darting at intervals at us cowering in the corner. An arresting man with extraordinary presence and a voice of the exact pitch and tone calculated to put the fear of god in the stoutest of souls.

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Suddenly he stopped and turned his huge bulbous head towards us. We looked at our toes and hoped to look as inconspicuous as possible. He strode to us, his large hands parting the air.


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A cat in my life

3 Mar, 2005 @ 8:43pm | General

I've never liked cats , I just dont like them.

I dont care much for them and i've never been impressed by their breed. These aloof , haughty, self centered creatures with fastidious habits hold no facination for me. I dont understand them and i wouldnt care to make the effort.

I work in a typical sales office, You'ld find lots of half crazed loud uncouth people either yelling at the phone or at the people before them, You'ld find stocks stored in the office coz the godowns are overflowing, You'ld find files and folders, forms and formats, reams of paper, printouts, helmets, bags, telephones, promotion materials and lots of people swirling around.

You dont expect to see a cat .

In the middle of making my sales plan.. a laborious, brain wrecking and thoroughly pointless task,  i looked up at the mountain of surplus stock piled in front of me and suddenly between two stacks i saw a pair of the most startling eyes observing me keenly.

A CAT! In my life! In my office!

what on earth was a cat doing here! how on earth did it get here.

I glowered at it, it looked back with steady unwavering eyes. I frowned, i make treatening poses, i shooed, i hooted, i gave it my patented 'kill kill' look.

It watched me calmly

We looked at each other for the longest time.An eternity passed, my visage softened, i relaxed, i smiled, I've never been more captivated , never more facinated by a pair of eyes and what could be going on in that head.

Suddenly i wanted to get acquainted with it.. i whispered to it, i made kitten noises, i cajoled and i invited most humbly.

somebody called out my name, when i looked back , it was gone.

I've never liked cats, i just dont like them

but just this one....


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