12 Apr 2005

this and that

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we have 3 hour classes for JEE going on.

The Sanghi's are a huge industrial family in hyderabad. their empire includes two of the most popular hindi and telugu dailies - vaartha, a polester industries, mills and what nots. They are so rich that they have bought lots of land next to the famed ramoji film city, the area is called sanghi nagar. its just toooo huge. Mr Girish Sanghi is a MP in rajya sabha. he promised the kashmiri samiti of hyderabad that they could hold all their functions and meetings at his farm house. I was unaware of all this, frankly i dont give a damn. not that i hate my community, its that it doesnt matter where the meeting is held, i mean, its a meeting after all. quite dull, boring. people laughing out loud, clearly indicating they didnt follow a word of the joke that was just told to them. Eating the same food, they call it preserving our heritage.
Today was one of those days

frankly speaking i had no intention or interest to go to sanghi nagar, i have ne'er been there b4.
today was navreh. the southies here call it ugadi. whatever. my mom woke me up at 6 am. as i opened me eyes i saw a thali in front of me, with raw rice, a pen on top, some one rupee coins, some kheer and other stuff. it took me a while to understand what the hell was going on.
"chalo rishabh, pray to god for knowledge and yea touch the thali while doing so, and read this mantra"
what the fuck. its six fuckin am in da morn
though my mom isnt all that religious, she just likes to get done with all the formalities of the festivals.
9 am
"rishabh wake up, we're leaving"
what the fuck. its nine fucking am.
twas my dad.
"if yall going, y are u waking me up, btw where are you going"

"we're going to sanghi nagar, and u're coming with us"

"what the....no way man. i'm sleepy..sleepy..sleepy"

" i dont know all this, put on something and come fast"

"kya? abhi to maine nahaya bhi nahi"

"phir jaldi nahao"

"do i have to?"

"rishu, i myself dont want to go there, but u know u r mom is very enthu bout all this, so we have to go"

"man the thinge we do for her"

anyways we left the home at 10. there was a bus waiting. no one had come.

"mama what the hell? where are all the other families."

"they'll come beta. patience"

"mom i have a test day after, i need ta study"

"rishabh it'll only be couple of hours"

"the place is like 40 kms from here mama"

"bas rishabh, now dont complain. be mature"


people started coming at their own time and leisure.

may all of them go to the place in between heaven and hell.
the only compromise was that amla, a kashmiri gal i've known for 10 years had come. she was the only one of my age in the bus. many others decided to reach sanghi nagar at their own time in their vehicles later.

"amla, why did you come today?"

"parent pressure"

ah, we two are so alike .

so we were talkin bout general stuff college, life, hols.

"chalo sab log, antakshari khelenge" i heard some one say.
aw man!
the thing about playin antakshari with elders is you can't sing western songs, coz theu dunt get it, and also coz it includes a ot of swears if ya start singin rap.
so i sang few new numbers. it wasnt all that bad, but it wasnt as interesting as solving TMH either.

after some time i realised we were movin in circles, coz the whole area was so maze like. anyways, we went to all corners of sanghi nagar, finally after an hour of askin people and navigating thro forests, we found, sanghi parkand guesthouses and farmhouse.
man was it fuckin hot. and boy were there so many mosquitoes and flies. i quickly went into the guesthouse. ah there was an AC there. Ah, there was a TV too. i switched it on. a dark blue screen flashed, i chenged the channel, same result, again, again and again.
" rishabh, take a hint"
"umm yeah, i know, screwed up TV"
"there's no cable wire man"

went out of the room.

my bro had got his bat and ball with him. good thing . i wasnt bored.bad thing. the ball was plastic. i was playin more of baseball, by jus hookin and pulling the ball, tryin to break the glass of the house. damn u plastic bal. it was so light that the loo (the air not the toilet) was drifting it away from the target.

lunch time. not bad stuf. there was the usual. and the damn mosquitoes. the elders had their usual discussion,

"and the muzzaffarabad bus will also be goin via......"

"......so when you put som much salt, doesnt the entire dish just......"

".....and look at that lady, she has a son in the US earning ........ rupees or dollars is it. i dont remember..."

".....so the match.."
ah yes the match
INDIA: struggling at 80/6, and chasing 320. deep shit man
fortunately there was another tv that had dd1, though blurred, and the room had a workin ac, and comparatively less mosquitoes. it was floddedwith people instead. as wicketsfell,, people went out. i was faithful. i stayed. or maybe, i just cudnt satnd the heat. never realised how time flew. amla and the other gals were at the terrace..chattin. they came in to check the final score. we lost. boo hoo.
now to make matters worse, my mom was like, ok now we're goin to sanghi temple.
i'm leavin i told her., why she asked.
i gave her a look that said it all. she was symphathetic. she was like ok, u an leave with khar uncle, he doesnt like temples anyway. hooray for khar uncle. he droped me off at sec bad. took and auto and came back. awwww my precious glasstone and JD LEE, I missed yall sooooo much.


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