29 Sep 2005

Notes on the ZIPPER

Posted by rishabh in Personal | 4:58pm

Its used to happen quite often to me. No we're not talking indulging in gay porn(i'm totally straight btw), I'm talking about the zipper of my trousers being left on.
This problem as you might know happens only in Jeans, for normal trousers score over jeans in the zip department.
This Zip since then has been given several names such as the Good(Zip)
Ugly(Post Office)
Coming back to the topic, It was a great concern to me, and trust it doesn't take u to be a genius t figure out when it's happened. I mean, you are asking doubts to your chem lecturer about Raoult's Law and you have these ugly bitches laffing at ya, now Raoult wasn;t a transvestite, so its pretty obvious what they're giggling bout. Or else, u r in a mall, and u notice a chick checking you out, you see that suddenly, the horny look on her face has just turned to a expression that'd make ya believe that she was being served shit.

Now the problem lies here, when you realise the true story, what dya do then?
Do you move u r hands towards the zipper and close it in front of the entire public, who'll for sure will be thinking of you as a sex hungry maniac. Or do you, turn aside for a moment, do the stuff, and turn around, nah too obvious, or simplywalk away and act as though nuttin happened?
Again it depends on the situation.

Now why does this problem arise:
Its like Integeration in calculus, not one particu;ar reason satisfies all.
Some times the waistsize of the jeans aint proportional to u r waist size, i.e, u r pant being too large
Or maybe while zippin the trouser, you didnt zip it till the top most point,
Or maybe, coz u bend a lot
......n REASONS.

So what the fuck dya do?
Just wear a longer shirt, agreed you;ll look like a wannabe puff daddy, but atleast thats less humiliating.
Or walk around starin at u r crotch all the time, nah we aint that influenced by MANSON yet.
Or just be careful b4 going to large gatherings esp when sexy members of the opposite sex are present.

Thank god my new pair od jeans has no such problem. Thank you Levi's. Go to hell Wrangler!

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27 Sep 2005


Posted by rishabh in Music | 3:27pm

i looooove this song by queensryche. i hope yall will too. this is one of the earlier songs that got me addicted to vintage rock.

Hush now don't cry
Wipe away the teardrop from your eye
You're lying safe in bed
It was all a bad dream
Spinning in your head
Your mind tricked you to feel the pain
Of someone close to you leaving the game of life
So here it is, another chance
Wide awake you face the day
Your dream is over...or has it just begun?

There's a place I like to hide
A doorway that I run to in the night
Relax child, you were there
But only didn't realize it and you were scared
It's a place where you will learn
To face your fears, retrace the tears
And ride the whims of your mind
Commanding in another world
Suddenly, you hear and see
This magic new dimension

I-will be watching over you
I-am gonna help you see it through
I-will protect you in the night
I-am smiling next to you...in silent lucidity

If you open your mind for me
You won't rely on open eyes to see
The walls you built within
Come tumblng down, and a new world will begin
Living twice at once you learn
You're safe from pain in the dream domain
A soul set free to fly
A round trip journey in your head
Master of illusion, can you realize
Your dream's alive, you can be the guide but

P.S: This shit bout selecting mood, category and music can be a real pain in da ass some time

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26 Sep 2005


Posted by rishabh in Books | 6:17pm

Hey guys guess what?
Chetan bhagat, yes the very same IIT/IIM alumni who wrote the hugely succesfull masterpiece Five Point Someone(FPS), is coming up with another book, titled One night @ the Call Centre. Agreed the name sounds a li'l bit hookerish(is that even a word?), but going by past record, i'm looking forward to it.
The book will be out by mid october this year.
To access the personal website of chetan bhagat, and to check out stuff about the new book..
click here

you'll need a password to access this site..
haha jes kidding
its 463

I dun;t wanna site here and give a lecture on the book, go check the site out.

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25 Sep 2005

Forwards ruin your day for sure!

Posted by rishabh in Personal | 5:03pm

Yep tis true. This world is much better without them . I know i sound like a rude bastard, but its the fact people. Ofcourse with every email site offering 1 GB space, it doesnt really mind ya as far as the space is concerned, but jeez, all these forwards are sooooooo fucked up.
Most of them are are dumb friendship thing.
Now look, the usual one's are like a plagiarised poem, with every line rhyming, and words often repeated, quite mediocre i know. i mean do u really need that to prove that u r someone's pal. and the really weird thing is that ach of thee mails has stuff like u r my dearest most precious friend, now what i wanna know is, how can a person have 200 dearest and most precious pals,. going by the number of ppl a mail is being sent to.But thats not the last of it. In the end it says u need to bloody send it to so and so many people or u r love life/gay life/married life/whateva might get ruined. I mean PEOPLE!!!!! WAKE UP!!!! I f people actually got dumped , divorced, heartbroken etc coz they didnt forward a lousy forwarded messg, man this world would be in ruins wudnt it?
And yes ofcourse
There are the pity mails.
I agree that some of them are genuine,
but 99.9% ar just so full of shit.
type 1:
Hello ******
My name is ******, i am 7 years old. i lost my teddy. please pass this on to your friends, and for every forward i'll get a cent to buy a new one.

type two:
while i was in IRAQ, my shop was blasted by bush, and now i am jobless, also the americans are mean. plz send this mail to 10000000 others so that i will receive 1 iraqi what's-their-currency-again? for every forward.

Type three:
I was driving, i was drunk, and i was horny. my gf got out of control, and started actin all dirty. i lost hold of the wheel. ow i just have one nose and 3.5 teeth left. plz send me some fuckin dollars.

oh jeez this list is endless. you get the idea.
why do people do this, why send forwards at all?

Oh yes...then there are those so called
"cute forwards", Y a know the ones with huge stuffed animals and babies showin ya the middle finger, that makes ya go like, "awwwwww cho chweet" and shit. yea. man their so depressing. people actually like to have their mailbox filled with crap like that. I mean if you really like stuffed stuff so much, why not log onto a similar website, or sit at the archies gallery all day.
you can imagine why i wrote this post. i just received like 15 forwards quite recently. these were my views. those who like it, better appreciate it, those who dunt, well see if i care.
anyways, mez gotta go.

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25 Sep 2005


Posted by rishabh in Personal | 12:08am

Does it ever happen to you that when someone tells ya that something is awful, and they really mean, u agree with them just so that they'll fucking shut up, but dunt really pay too much attention to what actually is being said? oh shit y am i asking this, obviously it happens to all of us, otherwise we'd all be sum psychic faggots like "TULSI VEERANI". Anyways, it happened to me today in my practical class.
You see, a week b4 our pracs started we finished the chapter "salt analysis" in IIT class. My pals were like , rishabh man H2S aka hydrogen sulphide has the suckiest small on the planet, it jus makes ya wanna die. i was like, really? but didnt imagine it to be really that bad. I mean its just a little sulphur, the stuff from which gun powder is made, so that can't have a foul stench. But oh i was wrong.
Come24th september, i took a test tube with a sodium sulphide(which didnt give an aroma by its own as well), and reacted with HCL. HOLYFUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
let me put that in a more controlled manner
Man it was like shit, only worse, it was like the hussain sagar, only filthier, it was like fart, only messier. damn man. H2S kicks ass for all the wrong reasons. I actually felt like how harry felt when the dementors came next to him. All the happy thoughs meltin away, and being surrounded by stench, man it was a nightmare. I had to bury me face in me shirt, where the mornin'g deo came to be rescue. Thank god for Park Avenue!
The nest time i'll always take a perfumed hanky wid me!

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22 Sep 2005

10 songs for when youre feeling low

Posted by rishabh in Music | 10:15pm

This is the list of my ten favorite songs i'd like to listen to when i'm depressed or just plain sad. I know i've missed out so many
In no particular order

November Rain-Guns and Roses

Jesus doesn't want a sunbeam-Nirvana

I dunt wanna miss a thing-Aerosmith

I promise-Stacie Oricco

Hero-Mariah Carey

Nothing else matters-Metallica

Shape of my heart-Backstreet Boys

My heart will go on-Celine Dion

I will always love you-Whitney Houston

Unbreak my heart-Toni Braxton

There you have it. my choice.

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19 Sep 2005

Life is a bitch

Posted by rishabh in Music | 10:54pm

7 am-4pm classes, sleep, eat, lil bit of comp/tv, study, eat, study, study, sleep, same old story.
Man duz get a lil bit annoying at times dont it, especially on a monday morning.
Thankfully, my lovely SYSTEM OF A DOWN has helped me cope up with the trauma for this week atleast. Man i am in looove with the band...aiite not in a gay homo sorta way, but in a musical connection sorta, the interesting thing bout them is that they're ARMENIAN, i e they're from armenia aiite that was a dumb thing to say.
But then, man they're awesome. I was seeing the video of chopsuey, it was pretty ok, ya know stage with ppl around, crazy tatooed and long goatee-beard , lookin like cylops kinda guys screaming for no reason, and then suddenly stoppin to say sumthin melodious and soothing,and then in a flash screaming again, these guys are silly bastards i tell ya, silly bastards who are shit cool man. The guys just rock! Thanks Sai Ram for giving me their videos, rock too man!!!

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17 Sep 2005

NaOH vs HCl

Posted by rishabh in General | 10:55am

Right! So today was our second practical class. We started with voulmetric analysis. Yesterday was the first. Our firt experiment was to determine the concentration of sodium hydroxide with Hcl being the standard solution i.e whose conc. is known.
The thing was, we had the pippet through which we had to suck NaOH upto a certain level indicated on the pippet itself( 20 ml). Yesterday we were practicing using water, since this was our first lab class. I was like jeez man, wtf is this crap.
Anyways, today was the real thing. We were using dil Hcl ofcourse. So me pal n me started doing the experiment. Every thing was going fine, we were getting marginal accurate readings, we had a nice spot by the window, the pyramids of the record books acted as decent chairs. We were taking turns sucking the pippet. While one would do that, the other would do stuff like washing the apparatus, handling the burrete etc.
"Reading no. 4" I jotted down on my observation book.
Everything was smooth, and then suddenly
"Aaargh!, pppha! phew," I had sucked a little too much, and it went all the way into me mouth. I was like , "Rishabh what the fuck is u r problem man, u've just taken in caustic soda, the stuff that squishes u r proteins and makes u r skin to pulp". I spat the shit. It tasted not all that bitter, it was just weird. Tasted a little like flour, but then the taste was the last thing on my mind wasnt it, it ws my tongue that i was worried bout!!!
I screamed, "PANI!!!!". My pals , who possesed a little bit of smartness, got me a glass of water, or shall i say a flask of water, or shall i say a flask of water from the same tap under which we wash the apparatus. But this was not a time to think bout all that crap. For a split second i thought what if the water+NaOH mixture explodes in my mouth, but the idea evaporated the second i thought of it, the absurdity of the moment stooped me to this level of thinking!
So i drank the water, gargled and spat at the sink. People started staring at me. Some puzzled, some smirking, some just staring. T'was weird, weird i tell ya. But this isnt the worst of it all. The after affect. My tongue started to get this burning sensation. It was as if a lil kid with large claws was scratching my tongues surface again and again mercilessly. It was awful. And it didnt stop. It is STILL fucking burning, though the intensity has decreased exponentially. My friend gladly agreed to do the remaining of the suckin of the pippet, thank god for him. I am content with writing readings and filling up flasks, for atleast another 2 classes.

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2 Sep 2005

collision course

Posted by rishabh in Music | 6:40pm

i wanted to post something bout this album.

so having heard the encore/numb- about 2 months ago which i loved the moment i heard it, i wanted to get my hands on the album. but then it wasnt availible in india, and i would receive a really weird expression from the guy who works at planet m ( and who supposedly has a very good knowledge bout rock), for he would think i am a dick, for generally rappers such as jay z dont sing along with bands linkin park. i placed an order 4 times at planet m and twice at music world. i was reminded of the times when i would go to the stores and place an order for highway to hell by AC/DC, the spellbinding album with the spectacular title song, which by the way is the most requested song on the radio in the radio. i never did get highway to hell in hyderabad. i had to ask my dad to get it from london when he went there fer a conf.
so aneways, days passed, and suddenly, as though the message was godsent, i saw an advertisement of the album(i didnt know the name ofcourse). It was called Jay Z and LP collision course.
15 hours later i was at the music store. very excited i grabbed a copy of the album. though i must admit i was sort of disappointed. ONLY 6 FUCKIN SONGS! Not done, not fair. And yes charged a full 400 bucks for the CD, i bought the cassete instead.

So as far as the album goes, i'd give it a 8 outta ten. but dont go by that marking scheme, coz i have my own standards. britney gets a 2(but then thats what she deserves). so the album is pretty rocking . the numb/encore is by far the best. i mean the beat is jus awesome and Jay Z is great. then there is the points of authority one which is pretty good too. the first song of the cassette lying from you/dirt off your shoulder is paralled with numb/encore. its got one of the best startings i've eva heard( reminded me of the daredevil OST by Fuel, another awesome band)
but then yea, the album is pretty good, and then there's the little thing bout linkin park: YOU CAN NEVA GET BORED WITH THEM! \
though i must agree, there are some stains on the moon. one of the song H to the Izzo/In the end was below par. You see, the goes like this, each song is actually a fusion of two songs, one from each artist. Although the lyrics are fused, the music is only from one o the songs. so the ones with the LP music are just heavenyl, but i'd like to raise my eyebrows fro the ones of Jay Z, for they arent that good as those of LP, but then rap fanatics would prolly disagee. For e.g in the case of the above mentioned song, you'd expect something really rocking since the song is IN the End, but then the music of the complementary Jay z song is just the opposite, its like a 70's dicso theme, quite pissin off really. but other wise, the album is pretty darn ok. atleast it works for me


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