26 Nov 2005

a comment on movies

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i think that movies that have less or no songs are better. sarkar was a step in the right direction, though the "govinda govinda" music did get on one's nerve.
i also hate movies, where are songs are moby-esque. let me explain that. i call those songs moby -esque, when one phrase or a couple of words are repeated again and again, and that covers most of the song. the one that immediately come to mind is "mangala mangala mangala mangala magala mangala ho!". and another recent one, which i find really really annoying and fucking pisses me off is "taj mahal". its like, during the promos, all they say is tajmahal like 10 times and show ppl fighting, quite absurd if ya ask me.
anyways, laterz, g2g now
peace !

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26 Nov 2005

thought of the day

Posted by rishabh in Philosophy | 2:25am

monogamy is too harsh a rule...

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19 Nov 2005


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Being in a "corporate college" gets you exposed to the real world, something you dont really see that often in u r school. the financial divide is move evident here, the narrow mindedness of the people is again more visible, you take time to adjust but when you do, you make great pals, u make pals that actually help your academics, that is, salaam namaste being a sucky movie isnt the only thing ya discuss, but most of all its the teachers. their semi-english lecturs, ungrammitical sentences, really bring a smile to u r face. Here are some of them, as a token of my respect to them, i've changed their real ID's, coz as far as teaching is concerned, they're all god like.

"so just we started oxidation, just we completed it"
"Ok don't confuse, let them write, isn't it?"
"You have to add Leaving group, leaving group, leaving group, an see then, ah!"
(this one is just too funny)
"billion's of dollars, that is, millions of rupees, the silicone industry is huge"
"there is a difference between real and artificial diamond, ZrO4 is zirconia, they're artificial or american diamonds"
"so it could be because there is some strain, or also could also be some disturbance due to strain of molecule"
"P205 reacts with oxygen forming P205, okay, what did i just say?"
"your answer is correct but i will tell you where you went wrong."
"nitrogen forms nitrogen"
"molecular weight and BP are related to molecular weight"
"so those whose all got ethers are correct, and remaining you know"
"Between zero and one, step of x is step of x"
what he meant was step of x was equal to x, thats what he wrote on the board, but this was a slip of the tongue, and we were roaring with laffter.
"Ozone was discovered accidentally, ozo means i smell, I-S-M-E-L-L!"

thas all fo now guys, laterz
-peace out

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15 Nov 2005


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I was just going thru google today and i found out today is SANIA MIRZA's budday!
so muah! Happy birthday sania and keep it up u r da best!!!

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14 Nov 2005


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dunno what to write bout, so will just write the ten songs that i've been listening to the most lately

scars-papa roach

baby one more time-marty casey

american badass-kid rock

wish you were here-marty casey(i found it betta than the original)


photograph-nickelback(from their newest album, will write more bout that laterz)

cigaro-system of a down(already mention its name in a post b4,:)

broken-the punisher OST (anything with amylee lee in it man)

lonely no more: by that matchbox twenty guy, whats his name again, ah rob thomas

have a nice day-bonjovi(that smiling sticker is stuck in me head man)


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14 Nov 2005

clash between two monsters

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The IIT-JEE coaching has become a nessecity if one wants to get into the campus.Narayana and FIITJEE are the two biggest names in the coaching industry, amidst all the hating and controversies these two institutions are still the most popular(brilliant is dying guys). I am associated with both since i recently enrolled for the FIITJEE one yr AITS(All India Test Series). I knew that these two rivals has no love for each other, but coz of that we students are to suffer. The difference in portion is unbelievable. I am almost studying upto 15 chapters at once nowadays.
so its inorganic chemistry, ist year chemistry, equilibriums, nuclear, mechanics(full), modern physics, ray optics(both wave and geo), organic(everything except carbohydrates and amino acids),entire calculus,permutation and combination, the binomial theorem- and all thyis needs to be done b4 20.
these narayana guys are damn smart, they know students will opt for FIITJEE aits than for Narayana AITS(look it even sounds cheap), so they have changed the teaching pattern, so that students are forced to shun FIITJEE in the back seat. Lets wait and see how it goes.
The next week or so is quite hectic for me, with exams and olympiads and shit. damn!
nov13-Weekly AIEEE exam
nov20-Fiitjee AITS
nov24-MTG's NSO
nov27:NSEC/NSEP(Nat standard exam in chem/phy, both on same day)
nov 27:narayana open test(this one i'll prolly miss)

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11 Nov 2005

spell it

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you know its so weird that almost no one knows the spelling of the word weird. i know i sound paranoid, and prolly i am, but then this is really odd. at first i thought it was a typo, but later i realise that almost everyone spells weird as wierd. yea that is weird. so what have learnt today???
W E I R D.
so doesn't that make you feel good about your self since you learnt something new today? or maybe you just wanna stick your finger up my ass. eitherways is fine.in the words of the great Forrest Gump,"Thats all that i've got to say bout that"

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9 Nov 2005

being the moderator

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my cousin, came ova here for her diwali vacations with my nani(her dadi, since she'z my mom's bro's daughter). i t had been nearly 3 years since i met her. back then we were'nt all that cordial, and the convos between us would be minimal, and i'd be soooo pissed with each and every thing she did. it was awful. but now its all straightened out. we are really the close pals and she calls me very often and likewise. so naturally i was very excited about her comning here. when she came, i realised she brought trouble with her. HER CELL PHONE.
Aiite here's the deal.
my cuz is also pursuing the JEE dream like me, and she got all her assignments and shit and she was asking for my help. anyways, after a while we took a break and were just talking bout stuff. she then told me bout her this one pal who apparently isnt that bright and isnt much of a looker either. now her pal has a crush on this topper dude. so i decided to listen to my sis and her pal's conversation thru the other land line. god this girl is so despo. first of all shez eternally bored. you know the typer who say " i'm bored yaar, nothing to do". well if she wasnt this horny for this one guy, maybe shed actually have something to do. the problem with these types of people is that they expect too much from life. they want to be surprised every god damn second of their life. they think that everyone else are the court jesters and its their job to entertain them. jeez man, anyways, after a while "I" got really bored of their crap, so i slammed the phone. but that wasn't the end. this pal confessed over SMS to my cuz bout the guess, but it was quite obvious anywyas. what followed next was a weird convoy of 50 SMS. the usual sob and will he-wont he crap filled with shud i shudnt i crap too and lots of if's and buts' and what if's and the likes. man, people can be such losers at times. i told me cuz screw her, tis her problem, but them me cuz was also this nightingale sorta person, and she wanted to help and stuff.so her entire day would be spent in being this love advisor person, man i've been thru that crap its a pain being the moderator. coz both the parties are so dumb. man i wish people just get real and accept the fact that at 16 u r not in love, u are just too horny. the faster we accept the truth, the better for us.

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2 Nov 2005

"apparently their cock walks right through the door"

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so i thin system of a down's nuts. i mean they're just so bizzare,whether bizzare good or bad, that i've stll not decided, but one thying is for sure, when they're playing, u just keep listening to them, real loud. They're irresistable.
They're latest single "cigaro" has some weird lyrics.
check ths out..
"My cock is much bigger than yours,
My cock can walk right through the door
With a feeling so pure..
It's got you screaming for more".

and wait, there'more

"My shit stinks much better than yours,
My shit stinks right down through the floor.
With a feeling so pure,
It's got you coming back for more".

an if ya thought it ends there,

"Can't you see that I love my cock?
Can't you see that you love my cock?
Can't you see that we love my cock?"

so all i could say after listening to it was
these guys get a make ove for like every album, n guess what they're from armenia. I think this is armenia's first rock band. I doubt if they're migrants or barbarians, but their music seems to be rockng the world so who the hell cares.
anyways, thats all for now

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