2 Dec 2005

astrology is a bummer

Posted by rishabh in General | 5:42pm

you know what, believing in zodiac signs and shit sucks big time. i just came across this channel zoom showing one weird programme called cosmic chat, first of all it isnt even called that, its cosmiic chat. its got this numerology crap, i mean what the hell do you mean that u r lucky number is 3,6,9. i mean will you stop eating 10 toffees jus coz it aint u r lucky number. and then there is this crap about changing u r name, man that shit is wacked, sanjay is sonjay or sunjay, suneel is suniel, kareena is kareina, damn man! lol the funniest thing is that they have this other girl simone whatever, who is like the traslator coz themain chick;s hindi sucks big time. and i aint that fond of this vaastu and feng shui crap either, but would like to remain silent bout that since i dont have much knowledge bout all that.i dunno maybe its just me, but i really aint into astrology, and i dont mind if yall are, but pleas for god sake, keep it u r selves.
incase u r wondering, i've just vented out me feelings. just had a huge discussing with a pal on the topic.

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