21 Jul 2006

Banning blogs? WTF

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The Indian Government is acting like a dick.

They have banned blogspot, the single biggest blogging site in the world.
Along with blogspot, the honors are shared by typepad.com and geocities.com etc

Now the reason this is happened is becuase our oh so great govt feels this:

check this out: Indian govt feels that terrorists are using blogs to communicate.

my comment 1:

my comment 2:

my comment 3: WTF is wrong with Indian govt???

seriously this has to be really messed up logic. Now the terrorists invest a zillion dollars into intelligence and security and you expect them to communicate through blogs?

Now one guy might say, Yea, isnt it a brilliant idea, terrorists communicating through blogs, so fool-proof, no one would ever suspect it. Yea but blogs? Oh! Why not messenger? ban that too? why not email? So ban yahoo too!

But come on! Look how stupid this sounds, they are banning blogs!

I guess they should ban cells too( Wait a second, hasnt that already been done in kashmir, earlier?).

I guess the next claim will be that terrorists are using Orkut and Hi5, and handling out top secret files through scraps and instant messaging. Man, this is so funny, yet shocking and yet above it all depressing.

From what I hear, there was a list of 12 sites on blogger that were supposed to be banned, which were supposedly anti hindu or something, but now thats so ridiculous too isnt it? I mean blogger has more than a million blogs, surely there must be more than 12 anti-hindu blogs? So your hitech indian intelligence team are going to track down all these blogs, and meet their owners in timbucktoo and screw their asses? LOL!

According to one source http://www.ipatrix.com/2006/07/17/blogspot-bannedwhats-next/
CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) - IN

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