7 Mar 2007

Knocking at your door...

Posted by Divakar in General | 3:48pm

I wander all day,

every street, every lane.

Some filthy, some royal,

some broken, some primal.

I walk in,

Into your lane of solitude,

I walk there in my sleep.

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I know the door is locked,

And you have the key.

You hid that somewhere,

In the shadows of your memories


The smell of your door,

Brings an unknowing smile,

On my forgotten face.

I wait,

Right at your doorstep,

In vain,

Knocking at it everyday.


You always knew,

That I was out there,

You never peeped out

Through those tinted windows.


I search through the darkness,

Until a ray of light hits me,

When I hear,

Your broken smile,

Some nights, while you were sleeping


You never obliged,

To break through the passive chains,

Of the lost love,

But tell me something,

Can I at least embrace your shadow?

I still wait outside your door

In the summers, in the rains


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