29 Sep 2014


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20 Sep 2014

Rough Sail

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Moves on, Ol' horse
Two at the helm
The rider erstwhile,
Lonely sail'rr
steps down (or up?)
Tradesmen O'Clear
cry hoarse
Ill Lane, Sorry!

Will it be fracas
Sliding into doom
Or will it be a mark
Never heard of?
Hurdles aplenty
Impel its finest craft.
Time, the good Ol' time
Will tell. Till well.

14 Sep 2014

Buddha, 'Typographed'

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11 Sep 2014


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Circles of dots

The other day I saw a kid playing in a garden. His dad and mom were running around him. Later during a brief chat that moved lightly, they continuously had an eye on him. It appeared their thoughts were running around the kid; that the kid was the centre of their world. And it occurred to me that each of their parents, in turn, had their thoughts running around them. By extension, then, their parents', around them.

That gave off in a visual representation. Each of us is at the centre of such a universe. Even as one is circling around a dot, or many of them, s/he too is at the centre of another circle, one or many. Some of these are concentric. They intersect with other circles too, making up an imitation of the universe. It leads to a few observations:

1. When I am expansive and loving, I extend and contribute to the circles; when I am hostile and narcissistic, I disrupt other circles and collapse.
2. At any point, dual states co-exist: that of the dot and the circle (particle and wave).
3. It's only the circles that intersect, expand and spread. The dots never meet. అందుకే వేటూరి గారు అన్నట్టు: "ఎవరికెవరు ఈ లోకంలో ఎవరికి ఎరుక..." 
4. Further, ergo, the dot (self / I) is a myth, a delusion.