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2 Feb, 2005 @ 12:30am | General



interesting read...

Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a tatol mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

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Planet B or C?

28 Jan, 2005 @ 7:36pm | General

There are 3 planets. Planet A, Planet B and Planet C

All living beings originate in planet A where each is given a single seater rocketship and a fixed quantity of fuel calculated to last an average lifetime. Each inhabitant has to fire his rocket and proceed to either B or C.

Planet B is huge, its near and looks attractive. The condition is that as soon as you arrive at B you have to exchange your spaceship for a two seater terrestrial vehicle- with passage of time and per requirement and merit you are given additional back space.

You do not get the rocketship back normally...however in case u insist very forcefully you can get a rocketship but depending of the time you have spent on B you have to undergo appropriate trials of hell and agonies of the heart to get it.

Now B is a huge planet and its gravitational forces are very high...its tough to leave and uses lots of fuel. everytime u come back..the entire process is repeated.

Planet C is very far away. The journey is tough, tedious and requires tremendous concentration. A rocketship in space requires constant monitoring and correction of course or B's gravitational pull will change its course towards itself. You cant lower your guards for long periods and you have to constantly watch yourself.

Planet C offers the same as B except for one big get to keep your rocketship. Since its a small planet you are free to go anywhere u like.. HOWEVER.. you cannot invite anyone aboard. If u do, you are immediately placed in a space worm with your invitee and hyperblasted to B.

where would u go?



My rockets fired, its engines purring,

Its raring to go but my heads blurring

Terrestrial twin seat buggy or single seat space rocketship

Solitary freedom or chained companionship

One question's flashing on my console..QUO VADIS?

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Thus spake the master

22 Jan, 2005 @ 12:51am | General

A hushed silence as he walks in... people scurry out of the way as he walks puposefully to the altar of his trade..

He sits on a device specifically constructed to ably support his mighty frame , which can swivel as well as roll wherever he so desires. The height can be adjusted and it can lean back.

His behind satisfactorily settled, he surveys the scene before him. Everything is as it should be...everything awaits his slightest of wishes.

His hand rests briefly on a rodent.. he gives it a few affectionate pats with his index finger.

He pauses..leans back.. he ponders..he sees not the mass of cowering disciples adulating his every move.. his eyes glaze over

Ah! the master has crossed over to the realm of the profound.

A period of time elapses..he is still looking quite blank.. but there is nary a restive soul in the audience... it will come it will come... he is out wandering out among the great souls..soon he will return and show us the way out of our lustful lives. He will salvage our unworthy souls he will show us a point to all this.

He stirs... a collective gasp..but only to scratch himself....

An eternity passes.. the very real danger called "being timed out" presents itself..

He hastens with his thought processes.. he collects his thoughts... he summons for the big one to come forth so that he may expound on it.

His eyes open

His fingers which have the miraculous power to communicate by merely descending here or there undulate with purpose.

He takes a deep breath... chances are he may get beaten up for this..but this is what he wants to say...


"HI all"




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Jawj goes wandering

20 Jan, 2005 @ 4:35am | General

We can never be genuine in public because the moment we are noticed we make allowances for that eye.

Effectively it means neither mine nor anybody's blog is a genuine reflection of themselves and on bigger broader terms nobody we meet or interact is their real self

The only way we can truely know people is by voyeuring into their minds

since that is something we cannot do.. we can never know anyone except ourselves.

we are all performers performing to each other. Success is measured by how pleasingly entertaining u have been.The actor does not act for himself.. he acts for the audience and he needs a response if not appreciation.

To kill a performer.. ignore his performance.


what is it like in the world of the deaf?

what is it like in the world of the blind?

Our perceptions shape our reality.. and reality differs from one to another. we are all individually right but collectively wrong. None of us will ever know the truth..though most of us will find compatible approximations.

The most profound set of questions i ever encountered where all asked within a span of an hour by a person who is yet to be properly toilet trained.

There is no dearth of answers ....there are many paths available for the taking..  religious zealots will show me one, spiritual zealots will show me one, all sorts of guru's and masters will show me one and each will guarantee.. his is the path.

A determined man is hard to break

A determined man with a determined idea is very difficult to break

A determined man with a determined idea and who believes he is righteous is impossible to break

Righteousness is the highest form of muleheadedness.. It is a cloak which gives it wearer the air of superior smugness.

There is nothing as pitiable as the righteous man.

We are a piece in a Kaleidoscope. we are part of a picture but the picture changes with every movement.. who can say which picture is the true picture?

None of it..yet all of it

i agree with nothing yet i disagree with nothing

U say i make statements that contradict yet i say i do not.

one just needs to read between the lines, think beyond the thought, see behind the view and feel above the sensation.

basically leave all the hardwork on the other.

A determined man will find sense in the vaguest of things....


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17 Jan, 2005 @ 1:50pm | General

The day begins...

the eye opens..wanders to the clock..Ah! joy, still have 20 minutes more.. such bliss.. feeling of being blessed.. like being handed out a bonus.. 20 beautiful minutes, dreamily laze on..reflect on things, people , events, moments.

smile.. snuggle..feel warm.. happy


The alarm rings, glare at it, switch it off, the clouds of gloom rolling in, have to get up,  groan,  protest, sigh,  glower...

Classic conflict of head over bodily comforts.

Head: up and get going!

Body: ummm...nooooooo....

Head: shut up.. u will be late again.

Body:  its nice and warm and cosy and comfortable like this.

Head: Only hard logic rules me..

Body: u never want me to be happy.. (sulk)

Head: we are both on the same side.. Our master demands our ceaseless best .

Body: ok.. a compromise..without deviating from our principles..

if i dont shave... 5 minutes saved! hurry..reset the alarm for 5 minutes later..ah! snug and warm :)

alarm rings. what ! already!! no polishing shoe.. 5 minutes

alarm rings. damn! i can wear that blue shirt..its wrinkle free.. no ironing required.. 7 minutes.

Alarm rings. bloody hell! no hotwater bath.. cold water will suffice.. 8 minutes.

Alarm rings. i get 5 minutes grace twice a month if i'm late.. 5 minutes

Alarm rings..panic..running out of minutes.

steeling of the mind, determination writ all over,herculean effort... i'm up.

hurry ..scurry

reach office..


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16 Jan, 2005 @ 12:41am | General

i generally have answers to everything... they need not be correct or appropriate but yes.. if u ask me a question , u can be pretty sure u will get an answer..

this question was posed to me today:

Q) What would be a suggested course of action when an acquaintance farts noisily when you are the only two people in a silent room... drop the acquaintance forever?

A) **************************(doesnt matter what answer i gave him..what is important here is his next question)

Q) what if that acquiantance was your wife?

Thinking about life, human beings and relationships makes me want to jump out of the window...... and i think i just will.......





i just cant seem to find my parachute..:)


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14 Jan, 2005 @ 3:05am | General

Kierkegaard, a man who lived in the 19th century and who is the inspiring force behind existentialism believed there were 3 different forms (stages) of life

He who lives at the aesthetic stage lives for the moment and grasps every opportunity of enjoyment. Good is whatever is beautiful, satisfying or pleasant. This person lives wholly in the world of the senses and is a slave to his own desires and moods, everything that is boring is bad.

A person who lives at the aesthetic stage can easily experiance angst, or a sense of dread and a feeling of emptiness.

I'm an aesthete at an existential crossroads and i dont like what is ahead...


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Books i write

12 Jan, 2005 @ 6:43pm | General

There are all sorts of writers.. writers who write on this , writers who write on that, writers who write like this and writers who write like that.

I'm the writer of writers... i write on all that and this as well as like this and that.

anyways here is what i'm writing at present

A. Self help
1. How to escape with balls intact when attacked by man eating tiger.(refering to eyeballs ofcourse)
2. How to roll the perfect snot ball
3. How to alienate all friends and make lasting enemies.
4. WORK: how to avoid it.
5. BOREDOM: how to live with it.
6. BIG SECRET: (why shd i tell u?)

B. Adventure:
1. Umbaloongapoho : The great nose digger
2. Adventures of zarzan: Clone of Tarzen.
3. Fartman: The human jet propelled pollutant.

C. Romance:
1. The kangaroo rider: greatest love story (mills and boon)
2. The intergalactic banjo player.
3. The arouser of me.

D. Economics:
1. The reducing variables of the diseconomies of the long curve supply chain equations
2. Network rationalization in the short gap public enterprise funds.

E. Murder mysteries:
1. The astounding mystery of the missing underwear
2. The perplexing case of the man who'ld never say hi.
3. "ouch" she screamed
4. Tick tock tick tock tick tock.

F. Philosophy:
1. The wrenching paroxysms of decadent conformists of the emblematic psychedelic psyche republic.
2. Halitosis and the fine art of shoe polish.
3. Where does all the shit go after u flush it?

G. Profound series:
1. The what of the how.
2. The who of the what.
3. The why of the who
4. The when of the why
5. The "is that so" of the when of the why of the who of the what of the how.(collector's issue-advance booking only)

H. Memoirs series
1. The pain and trauma of being the exceptionally brilliant and genius me.
2. My struggles with my genius
3. My experiments with my genius
4. How I feel everyone should be
5. Wonderful me.

I. General interest
1. The life and times of hardworking ants.
2. Confessions of a drunk and morally degraded adulterous bumblebee.
3. There is no point chasing a rainbow: a true account of a person who made several futile attempts.

J. Booker level books:
1. The god of big things
2. To kill two mocking birds.

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bloggers of the world-unite

12 Jan, 2005 @ 2:20am | General

the most entertaining blogs are at the bottom.. not fair. this needs to be corrected. i've put in my mite and boosted everyones views by 1.

what one requires is the collective shoulder of all anononymous bloggers to boost the dissapointed,the disillusioned,and the dishearted.

1. Go to browse blogs section.

2. Display blogs in order of popularity.

3. At the bottom of page are page numbers.

4. Disregard page 10.. there is nothing in it.

5. last man in is  'words,words,words'.

6. start backwards up.

7. pay particular emphasis on entry of "hulk" or "harry" and several similiar gems.

8. very entertaining!

i was dying to comment on certain blogs which had me in tears and rolling about on the floor.. but that would be mean.

the joys of self discovery are  best discovered by self :)


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10 Jan, 2005 @ 2:33pm | General

I have just experiance what can truely be termed a heart wrenching trial by fire.

i typed in a fire and storm blog entry. i spend several careful moments thinking it, i spend several more moments writing, then i spent many moments wondering if it pleased my soul to post it. i read it, i pondered over it, i made a few corrections, i thought about it, i contemplated whether this is the sort of things that my blog should contain. i ruminated , i deliberated. finally i got a perfect ending to it.

Then i looked at it with fond satisfaction.. i congratulated myself on finally written a piece worth writing.

and i hit the submit button for the world to read and admire.

i forgot to save.

its all gone.

and nobody knows where.

and gone with it is my brilliant observations on the righteous, the tsunami , of hypocrisy, of my father involved in rescue operations in andamans, his grief over his dead potted plants, of terrorism and the necessity to die spectacularly, of governments and crores. of life and death.


perhaps it is all well.

i wish my last words to be: always save 

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kite wouldnt fly :(

9 Jan, 2005 @ 9:23pm | General

i'm terribly ashamed to report that i do not know how to fly a kite.

i look out of the car window..i see kids flying kites,

i go on the terrace.. i see the sky line dotted with myriad kites struggling their way up.

i sit bored and disinterested at a dealers counter and sure enough the kids on the terrace opposite are engaged in a deadly duel with an enemy kite.

i reflect sadly on my sorry kite history....

i'm the guy u hear about who coulld never get it up.... :)

i know the theory, i've seen it being done, little kids do it..

yesterday i went parasailing with friends on hussain sagar...  and up there at 150 ft .... i saw kites on land and i made the momentous decision then and there.. i'm going to learn how to fly a kite or perish in the attempt.

i'm sorry to report today was a failure as 5 torn kites on the terrace will testimony... but i'm getting there.

and if u noticed there was no breeze at all... so it wasnt really totally my fault.

tomm evening if i can get off work early and if u were to look up..u'ld probably see my kite up there terrorising the skies.

wishing..and hoping..and trying...

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4 Jan, 2005 @ 5:16am | General

My short and uneventful life as a blogger seems to be destined to go the tried that..didnt work..chucked it route..

i been staring at this screen here for 30 minutes.. which is the required time for the session to time out..and which as per instructions it did.

i had not written a word so it was of no earth shattering importance but the fact that i could not write something in that 30 minutes is astounding.. Coz my head has been swimming in a torrent of blog worthy topics all day each jostling for pride of place and prominence .

maybe being a gemini has something to do with it... life is so much easier with a handy scrapegoat around.

this astrology thing also astounds me... how the hell does the particular alignment of stars millions of light years away at your birth have such devastating effect on one life?

i know a guy born on the same day as i but we are as different as the fabled chalk and cheese. they say it was coz we were not born in the same place.. geography too has its say.. but what then about non identical twins..? a couple of minutes here and there...

conclusion: astrology is bunk. its all conditioning.

but i read linda goodman once and it had me teethering in surprise how a gemini exhibits most of the traits i possess. it felt like it was written for me.

final conclusion: the world moves in mysterious ways... not for mere mortals.. this understanding.


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soulmates explained

1 Jan, 2005 @ 11:41pm | General

Plato in his Symposium writes about the myth that originally people were all hermaphrodites, then god stepped in and split them into two. Now all the halves wander the world seeking each other

love it seems is the longing for the other half of ourselves we have lost.

that could be the soulmate people speak about.. but mathematically the probability of u encountering, correctly identifying and having all external conditions ideally suited to furthur your union is so remote that its not even worth considering...

so what does that mean? give up hope and latch on to the least displeasing of the lot and make do or occupy the high grounds and conduct a totally undefined search for a form u cannot describe.

a no brainer eh?

what a pity.....................

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the beginning

1 Jan, 2005 @ 11:39pm | General

In the beginning there was the word. thats how a famous book begins.

A new year is a beginning too... and in this one i make my leap into the swanky cyber age by transferring my journal online.

though my motives behind it, remains to be psychoanalysed.

The basic problem seems to be the fact that i'm not aware as to who is it, i'm speaking to.. i have a picture of a vague populance  out there somewhere bored, with time to kill and an inordinate interest in knowing what other people think about , who might stumble on my page to find out what do i consider interesting enough to put up. perhaps he/she/it will be moved enough to leave a remark, scathing or nice . perhaps most probably they'll just move on.

life is a series of chances and we can never find out for sure which one is important and which one isnt.

actually we can never really figure out what we really want.. and thats because we have only one life and only one shot at it.. we dont have the reference of previous lives to guide our actions nor the wisdom of retrospect. so plod on we do.. assuming we are right on track.then later as we near the end we take stock of our lives and wonder if this is how we really wanted to live.. and is this where we wanted to be in at this stage.

the tragedy of life is that we have only one shot at it.

the comedy of life is also that we have one shot at it.

and does it really matter how we lived it? for one day we die and all our thoughts, opinions and accumulated wisdom goes with us.

there must be a point to life.. but i'll be darned if i can see it..


meanwhile.. new year, new beginning, new blog. hip hip hurrah!!

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