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The world hasnt changed!!

chotacyrus | 5 February 2005, 10:11am

Sick of hearing oldies say again and again that the world has changed,I decide to find out if the world has really changed.I thought over it and came to the conclusion that it isnt that bad....found 13 reasons....forgot 7 of them.So here are the remaining five:
1).My dog doesnt bark at me when it is given breakfast at the right time.thank god, pets still love us!
2).The so-called dog menace.I walk into the balcony and see abt 7-8 dogs fighting. Now,who said dogs are a menace to the society?The poor things were fighting it out to woo the female in the group.Now hasnt mankind fought wars,lost kingdoms for women?The 10093 movies that were made in Bollywood in the last 6 years prove my point beyond doubt.And didnt someone say "Everything's fair in love and war".
3).The autowallahs.And people here think the autowallahs are out to loot us.The poor fellows want us to pay few extra bucks than the actual 'meter' fare.Now,this is what makes others think the autowallahs here are bad.Its only when I wanted to know the reason,that one fellow  told me that his meter does not work properly and he obviously cant earn less than what he is supposed to!.And some autos dont have a 'meter' attached.And ppl still think the drivers are wrong!
4).The quality of education.The **** grammer school..yes u read it right..its **** grammer school((which is very close to the place I stay and has abt 200 students studying in it).Now,how do u expect the principle to know the correct speeling of
'grammar'.he himself studied in that school and was taught like that.full of speeling mishtakes..chee!
5).oops!forgot the 5th one!!< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

But there`s one thing I didnt like at all..people reading blogs and not leaving a comment.When u have spent so much time reading,why dont u drop in a comment??



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A day at work!

chotacyrus | 29 January 2005, 9:39am

 Hello ppl.
Some good news..got a Government job(or is this bad news).
I entered office and found half the people not at their desks.The remaining were divided into 3 groups:
1).A group of men sipping chai,
2).A group of women sipping chai and
3).A group of
peons sipping chai.
I then sat down and started doing my work with all the enthusiasm in the world(just like all other newbies wld).After 2 hours of work and 14 cups of chai,I then noticed a man placing some office material into his bag.It was a shock for me.I wanted to bring this to the notice of his seniors.Is this the reason why the Government is in a loss,I wondered.I then hurried to the section-officer`s room.He was on leave.Then I went to his senior`s room.He had not returned after lunch.I then went to the DGM`s room..he had gone to recieve his mother-in-law at the airport.I then decided to take the matter to the GM.This time,he was really on leave for a genuine reason.I then tried calling him but the office phone was not in order!Wtf would I be doin at this place for another 35-40 years!I then thought that I`ll talk about this with the rest of the section.Now,this being the first day at work,I needed to be very careful about what I was gonna say.I thought about it for half an hour,penned down my thoughts and went to the section.To my dismay,I found the whole section empty now.I later realised that the whole junta had gone to watch the cricket match..which was being played on TV at the canteen.I sat down and started working again when I hear some footsteps in the room.I turn around to hear this ****** question again:
"Saab,chai hona kya?"
< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />



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Potli baba and my girlfriends

chotacyrus | 25 January 2005, 1:54pm

 < ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

  It was the bright morning of 31 March,1983.I woke up only to realise that I had turned 21.It was a wonderful feeling for me,but my  parents were disappointed.They thought it was the right age for me to marry and were very disappointed at my inability to 'patao' girls.
In those days,I was in love with a lovely girl named Zeenat Aman.She was quite a bomb those days.But the problem was that she didnt love me.That was because she didnt see me on tv while I was watching her.She used to look at my brother then.Finally getting desparate,I decided to consult Potli baba.
Now it was a wonderful journey to the < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Himalayas..can write about it in another post.We finally reached the ashram of Potli baba and he was exactly like how our neighbour desribed..a Halo on his Head,charming face and eyes and above all a mind which knew about everything.I expressed my problem to him,but Potli baba being the omniscient already knew about it.He said'Arre pagle,love a girl with all the sincerity in the world,love will come back to you.'
I tried it,but it didnt work.Then I went back all the way to the Himalayas and sought his advice again.Babaji this time said'Arre pagle,it was ur luck that u didnt marry an actress.Go and love a girl who will love only u.Do not forget to be very dignified and act like a gentleman'.
I rushed back to Hyderabad and went on my first date..the name of the girl was Anuradha*.I was very dignified that day.Drank coffee without making noises,smiled at every possible oppurtunity,acted like a perfect gentleman.but this time,I flopped miserably because the girl thought that I was too meek a guy.Being polite and courteous didnt help and I soon found myself at babaji`s ashram again.

Babaji this time said 'Arre pagle,Mard ban,me a man'.This time I came back with twice the enthusiasm and I started trying to look 'manly'.I didnt shave for 3 months,consulted a doctor for a more 'manly' voice and ..I was ready for the date(Thanx to the friendly autowallahs here,I also learnt a few Hyderabadi abuses).The girl..Anuroopa* was apparently pissed off because of the long beard.But she being a really good girl decided to spend some time with me.
But when I took out the gift hidden in my long beard,she decided it was enough.
Well,even I decided it was enough and decided to consult Potli baba again..yeah,for the last time.I immediately left for his ashram.This time
he told me 'Arre pagle,yeh sab to mohmaya hain'.I was not happy with his advice but for some strange reason was convinced.I returned home and now spend my time writing fully faltoo blogs and reading some of the other fully faltoo blogs.no girls for me now.U people can suggest me anything?

*:The names have been concealed to protect the identities and also save them
further embarrasment.



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Lose 21 pounds in 21 days..

chotacyrus | 22 January 2005, 6:35am

  Lose 21 pounds in 21 days..
 I`m pretty sure U must have heard of books with names similar to the title of this post.I`m also pretty sure U people didnt go ahead and purchase them.Isn`t that the reason why this catchy title has brought u here?:d  Well,even I was lazy ..but then I went ahead and bought this book..and now my life has changed!
Lose 21 pounds in 21 days is an excellent book written by the world-famous
author Mr.Peter Dick.He is the personal trainer to several Hollywood celebrities like Madonna,Julia roberts et al.Christina Augilera has refused to work with him
for obvious reasons.Now abt the book..
The author starts of with the three basic facts of weight loss:
1).First begin with the easier things..and stay there till u master them.
2).Losing weight is easy.
3).Gaining weight is even more easy. < ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Then,the author beautifully explains how his clients went on to lose weight(well,almost):
1).J.roberts:Julia roberts,he says,was put on to a South beach diet.She was
progressing very well until she had to be hospitalized and administered Glucose.Peter Dick says that it was because Julia had 'exerted' herself too much during the shooting of a movie(which was banned in the US for the skinny show..oops skin show!).
2).Madonna..now Madonna put on lot of weight after becoming MAAdonaa.and this wasnt making our material girl happy!She,after consulting various people landed up at Mr.Peter`s clinic.Fearing that the South beach diet could have
an adverse effect on Madonna,he prescribed the great system of Yoga for her.Now that mr.dick didnt know a thing about Yoga,Madonna had to come all the way to India to learn Yoga.But she was smitten by the spirituality bug here..she loved the spirituality here..and then she slowly started loving the Sattvic Bhojan as well! She started gaining wt. and ppl were adressing her as grandMAAdonna.Well,she thot that she had enuf and decided to pack her bags and leave to the
< ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />US again.
Now before U ppl start coming to conclusions abt Mr.Peter,let me tell u thatboth Roberts and Madonna were at fault.Mr.peter had actually warned the material girl about the spiritual traps here in India.And Julia....pls dont remind me of what she did.Had these two stuck to the regimen prescribed by the reknowned doctor,the doctor would have successfully treated 1000 patients by now.Now,I am the 999th patient.
Well,the third and the most important chapter of this book gives us 21 ways to lose 21 pounds..all in 21 days!I have been using these amazing techniques from the last 3 days..and believe me I have lost 3 pounds.Want to know all the secrets?Do u want to be the 1000th patient of Mr.Peter(discount offered to the 1000th patient or to the person who registers for the program before the 10th of December,2005..whatever happens earlier i.e)?For more info,get in touch with Pappu Pager or Munna Moblie(Manager,PD fitness clinic,India).or still better leave me a comment!

P.S:For children below the age of 12(yeah..the age limit has been reduced to 12 now)..Dick is the surname of Mr.Peter..u dont need to refer to the dictionary for it.



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