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Complete Unedited Movie Review

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 27 Feb 2005, 9:44pm

My movie review has been posted on

Here's the complete unedited version.


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My Dream Movie

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 18 Feb 2005, 7:47am

My Dream Movie

                                     By Jaszalcatraz

Since my favourite movie is Pulp Fiction and my four current fav directors are Q Tarantino, PT Anderson,D Fincher and D Aronofsky, my dream movie'd be Pulp Fiction directed by all afore mentioned four directors. Not together though. Each one directing his own segment.


The movie starts of with the prologue:

The scene with Honey Buny and "Ringo" then the scene with Vincent and Jules heading out to kill Brad and gang.

This part should be the one with QT directing. It is mainly this segment with all the great Tarantino-speak. This is the scene where long lingering shots and auteur angles take centre-stage - perfect for QT


Mia and Vincent: Although the first scene might need a little help from QT, the rest of the scene is perfect for Darren Aronofsky. Especially the snorting parts ;)  Darren Aronofsky with his wooshing background score and trippy violins can jazz up the pre-Mia Vincent sequence. His build-ups can create a heartstopping moment at the scene where Mia jumps up with a start after the adrenaline shot. Also the last parting dialogues can be much more effective with his ability to create void feeling in the bottom of the heart.

Gold Watch:

This is tailor made for PT Anderson. He can make the Col.Koonz flashback so much more melodramatic that you can feel Butch's anger/frustration when Fabian forgets his watch. Also his treating of the relation between Fabian and Butch can perfectly explain to us the reason Butch forgives her so easily. And ofcourse, his sweeping camera work can help the scene where Bruce Willis walks to get his watch.

Jules, Vincent and Mr. Wolf

The scene where one man's actions can bring sweeping changes into the situation. The scene where a man in control of an army can flush the enemy. Sound familiar? Yeah Tyler Durden in Fight Club. So its obvious that David Fincher bring his style into the scene. So we can expect a better pre-cog visual of the Bonnie coming home sequence. And then Mr. Wolf's inspirational speech to get Vincent and Jules washing the car, can sound so much more like the Tyler Durden we know.


Another QT sequence. It's too stuck in my head for its perfection that no one can dare change it. None can beat QT and this is why he's God. Jules final flourish is perhaps the greatest change in character we can see on film moreso because of the short time it takes for him to becoming a god-fearing man.


And thats a wrap.

Thats the first time i've done something useful when stoned.


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Jasz on Raghu Romeo

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 13 Jul 2004, 9:37am
I'm a kinda guy who'll never miss any movie that releases on the big screen. Its my inability to say "no" that made me watch Troy 4 times, Arya 4 times, Hyderabad Blues-2 Twice and Mirchi once. Although I never quite regret going to the movie for a repeat viewing, I carry with me a very heavy grudge against the guy who took me there. So the next time I tell ya that I cant go to the movie with you, it's probably not your fault, its the fault of the movie we went to last time.

**reading above paragraph, you also do that again**

**reading above para again and recommends you also to do it again**

As cliched as the above para was, you MIGHT have enjoyed the above para simply because it mentions movies you've seen or those are situations that you were in.
SIMILARLY, Raghu Romeo takes all the things that you've already seen, heard, read or even experienced, puts them in a large bag that u've already carried and expects you to pay for it. The beauty of the movie lies in the fact that you would be ready to pay again and again for movies like these.
The biggest thing that irritates me about these low-budget flicks is that it has atleast one or two lead actors who (for lack of a better phrase) take themselves too seriously. The absence of this kinda pretentiousness is the most striking thing about Raghu Romeo. especially Vijay Raaz whose role in Moonsoon Wedding will go down as the Best Wedding Organizer in Indian Cinema.
Like New-age director independent films, this one is a comedy too. But the humor isnt derived from jokes or physical comedy. The humor comes from the reality of the situations. The way the protagonist watches the TV without batting an eyelid. The way he asks for a loan. The way he reacts to a customer. While no "jokes" rate a "ROFL", most "jokes" rate a "lol".
**I cannot even begin to imagine the stupidity of that sentence**

To better understand the subtle difference between Bollywood films and Raghu Romeo, I'll describe a few scenes from the movie.

Scene 1:
Hero is enamoured by an actress. He follows her show or films religiously.

Bollywood Treatment: Hero looks at a picture of the heroine and breaks into a duet with her in Switzerland.

Raghu Romeo Treatment: Hero is shown gawking at a poster of the heroine for 2 minutes. He does this on the middle of the road and causes a traffic jam and is subject to many gaalis.

Scene 2:
Hero works in bar. Dance girl likes hero. Hero faces off against Don

Bollywood Treatment: Hero makes witty comments and avoids the attention he gets from the dancer. The hero bashes up the don w/henchmen. Hero pays for the damage from his salary.

Raghu Romeo Treatment: Hero is too shy to talk to any female let alone someone who makes passess at him. Hero get kicked around by the Don. Hero steals money from the counter to buy gift for actress.

Scene 3:
Villains kidnap actress.

Bollywood Treatment: Hero chases them for 30 mins and bashes them for 30 mins thus forming the second half of the film.

Raghu Romeo: Here comes the twist....Raghu himself kidnaps the heroine.

Scene 4:
Hero Feeds heroine

Bollywood Treatment: They look into each others eyes and sing songs in Switzerland.

Raghu Romeo Treatment: Hero describes in great detail the art of dipping a biscuit into tea. Too long and it'll break. Too short and it'll be too dry. Balance is the essence of life is the lesson learnt here. Thus the reason for her being kidnapped is vaguely understood.

This movie is so simple that it'll never win awards. It wont have crowds outside gates. The actors will not have new projects. The director will never be so originally unoriginal. The actors will never be so unreally real. This kinda talk also made me realize that there cannot be another movie as unique as Raghu Romeo.
Its a movie that wont give you anything to take back........not even moments that'll make you laugh afterwards......but for the 2 hours you are in the wont be thinking of anything else and more importantly you will be laughing. And that is why MOST people go to the movies. Or so they tell me.

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