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7 Mar 2007

Knocking at your door...

Posted by Divakar in General | 3:48pm

I wander all day,

every street, every lane.

Some filthy, some royal,

some broken, some primal.

I walk in,

Into your lane of solitude,

I walk there in my sleep.

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I know the door is locked,

And you have the key.

You hid that somewhere,

In the shadows of your memories


The smell of your door,

Brings an unknowing smile,

On my forgotten face.

I wait,

Right at your doorstep,

In vain,

Knocking at it everyday.


You always knew,

That I was out there,

You never peeped out

Through those tinted windows.


I search through the darkness,

Until a ray of light hits me,

When I hear,

Your broken smile,

Some nights, while you were sleeping


You never obliged,

To break through the passive chains,

Of the lost love,

But tell me something,

Can I at least embrace your shadow?

I still wait outside your door

In the summers, in the rains


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15 Jun 2006

Part II

Posted by Divakar in General | 11:24pm

How do i capture...
the ripples on the water,
the fading rainbow,
the lost paradise,
your enchanting smile?


I borrowed time from solitude,
and travelled through time.
I saw you again,
for the first time.


You are my mystery,
of an unknown tomorrow.
You'll read me,
and probably forget!
I'am your fiction.


How do i reach you?
You're too far away.
I look at the moon,
I smile!


Everyone keeps wondering,
how i always look happy.
I go numb!
I remember,
the last time i laughed,
with you!

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27 Apr 2006

"Summer nights, random thoughts"

Posted by Divakar in General | 7:37pm

I take two steps forward,

towards you,

my wishful future.

You take two steps backward,

into the abyss,

your painful past.

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Tiring, lonely nights,

your thoughts,

ignites my soul.

I realize,

I am still alive.



I have a question.

Do you ever think of me,

like I do?

I wait for a response,

I wake up.



I run, in search,

of an illusion.

I repeat those words,

I fight the conflicting thoughts,

I quench my thirst,

In those ruins.



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20 Apr 2006

Love After Love

Posted by Divakar in General | 11:18am

This is one of the most wonderful pieces of poetry ive ever read!

The time will come

when, with elation,

you will greet yourself arriving

at your own door, in your own mirror,

and each will smile at the other

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10 Apr 2006

Celebrating Silence!

Posted by Divakar in General | 12:52pm

Lost in those eyes,
I fill my emptiness,
with the memories,
of an unfinished story.

Every word spoken,
every moment spent,
echoes in my inside.
Lost for words,
I celebrate my silence.

So much left unsaid,
so much, left to the time.
So little expressed,
I celebrate my silence.

The night is on its knees, insecured,
as she's not the only one mute.
I smile, i am on my own,
I celebrate my silence.

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6 Apr 2006

The Daily Chronicles!

Posted by Divakar in General | 7:03pm

Coffee with newspaper,
A ten minute drive to work.

An artificial smile,
a forceful "good morning".

A chain of emails,
the reluctant responses.

A google toolbar,
and a yahoo messenger.

The smile for the day,
at the status "Available/Idle".

Managing a set of projects,
a bunch of workbooks.

An unwanted meeting,
discussions with dummies.

Lunch at the pantry,
mastering the "Art of War".

The continuing chaos,
the buzz on the floor.

The goodbyes for the day,
a ten minute drive back home.

The war of the news channels,
parents and the dinner.

The room of the metal Gods,
and the bed to insanity.

Thoughts of an angel,
"DREAMS" of an endless hope.


*Coming Soon: "The Weekend Chronicles"


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2 Apr 2006


Posted by Divakar in General | 8:04pm

I dream!
I dream when there is no hope
I dream of that virtual future
I dream of those hazy eyes
I dream of my life through them.

I dream!
I dream of the forgettable past
I dream of a painful sacrifise
I dream of a total eclipse
I dream of the moon.

I dream!
I dream to wake up one day
I dream of those caring arms
I dream to wipe her pain
I dream of an acid rain.

I dream!
I dream of that one moment
I dream for a life
I dream of the remains I am
I dream of being forgotten.



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6 Mar 2006


Posted by Divakar in General | 6:37pm

I look at that face again,

A glimpse through the memory lane.

With a broken smile on a withered lip,

I take this devious holy dip.

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The remains walk me through the abyss,

With the prophecies of the farther eclipse.

This hedonism is never ending forage,

The past glory always smiles through the mirage.


I wake up through a delirious hallucination,

Left alone, embracing an emotional emancipation.


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9 Sep 2005


Posted by Divakar in General | 8:41pm

Shooting past the memory lanes,

I take the road to insanity.

Fermented thoughts of tomorrow,

Eludes my morality.

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13 Dec 2004


Posted by Divakar in General | 8:20am

The stars were stoned and the night stripped bare naked, exposing herself to a gloomy day. The pearls dropped from heaven onto the green carpet beneath, drenching the naked trees and making the flowers cry. The past was smiling sorrowfully through a rear view mirror, leaving its footprints on the decayed time. Its legacy was heard in every chord that was played. It echoed a series of faltered art, it was indeed a warcry of a wounded heart.

It was a never ending exile, carying the burden of fragile truth and dominant lies. The frozen feet were tied with heavy chains of emotions, and the pain was harvested in the fields of sorrow. The dead stones finally broke the silence and summoned the courage to confront the fallen goddess. But, it was too late!! The night spread its wings again and carried the day in its womb.

Is this an illusion??

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6 Dec 2004

Yesterdays man!

Posted by Divakar in General | 9:12am

He watches her cry in despair,

he thought he had a tear to share,

he frowns and tries to cry,

with no emotions, his eyes go dry.

On the next path, he hears a frantic laughter,

wondered how it would sound,

if it was his alter.

He is the judge, he is the accused,

in his house of justice,

seems like the emotional turmoil,

charged him with no furthur notice.

Broken thoughts of the faded past,

is indeed a bliss,

no more is he the yesterday's man,

filled with  memories of the last kiss.

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30 Oct 2004

The two of us...

Posted by Divakar in General | 7:31pm

There are the two of us sitting in the room. I'll be home soon, in a couple of months. Iam scared that, at some point we'll face each other. We made a sad peace, a few years ago. But i could still feel those eternal whisperings in the silent heaven. Would you be the same?? or have you already changed?? will I be able to recognise you?? How can i ever forget the softness of your hands, like that of a new born, your flowing hair, like a running stream in spring or your mesmerizing eyes. When i meet you, i would long to touch your skin and drown myself in those days of glory.

Well, here iam, thinking of you, and perhaps you don't even remember my name.

The night ends, and there are still the two of us sitting in the room, me and my solitude.

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29 Sep 2004


Posted by Divakar in General | 10:11pm

Lost in solitude,

no place to hide,

crippled soul,

broken mind,

wasted time,

frozen emotions.

Reason to breathe,

is still to chant,

your name,

in vain,

a cloud of pain.

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23 Sep 2004

The unnamed emotion!!

Posted by Divakar in General | 10:12pm

Is it just me?? am i still sane? or am i weird? Well, the other day, one of my very close friends mailed me with a wonderful news. She's getting married!! wow! Its been a while since i heard a pleasant news and this really made my day. I was and still so happy for her. A couple of hours later, another similar news dropped in the mail. Whats goin on??

 But then, there is this unknown fear, an emotion, buried deep inside me. I spent my teens, my most special years with these friends. They have always been there for me, through my thick and thin. Its just the thought that , these buddies would now have a different life, a new family, responsibilities and an entire new world, ... And our relationship would never be the same. It would take a different direction, probably with many uncertainities and there, lies a sense of insecurity.

Iam not saying that they would forget me ..never. Yes, i would always be there in their prayers, in their thoughts, but the good old times?? Wish i could turn back time. Just the memories remain. Its this possessive feeling of "my friends", and the thoughts of being alone again, without these mates, is unimaginable. I understand, we all need to move on with our lives, and its their turn now. My best wishes with them. Dont know why i had such a selfish thought.

Am i weird?? or have you been through this??

Any thoughts??

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16 Sep 2004

Peace sells

Posted by Divakar in General | 4:11am

The sweating bullets,

The lives taken.

Promises made,

Of an unknown tomorrow.

Buried truth,

On frowning smiles,

Massive explosions,

Of shattered emotions.

Capital punishments,

Of the lame and innocent.

Peace is on auction,

But who

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