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As put forth by my moses


chronic alcholic that i am its kind of suprising that i am still in my senses but i have to confess that i am enjoying every single bit of my what did i do...i ate slept got up..posting my second blog of the day coz i have got nothing to whats my blog about nothing...

in my senses

these past few days has been eventful intellectually for me


whats it with the girls...accepted i dont appreciate humour, i have low iq dont know when to smole and when to be serious. i can never mature...but thats just me...yup i dont know whats a relationship whats a commitment...but if she wants me to to hang around her all the while...if she wants...


whats it that i am scared of...why is it that i do it when iam only drunk...dont ask me ...i cant answer that...although..i shall put forth my theory..may be i am not bothered right now that some ones reading this...who cares... whats love...relationship...why do we need someone special so...


why do we all(at least me) live in old times....that is we only appreciate floyd or led zep...queen....come to think of it my kids will be remembering britney..jeylo...hate to take their names but ..think about the lyrics of the times we live in..are so dont talk about


by the way i got this question why always should the film reviews should be critical...especially some thing like was something different from the last film of was not definitely not something like SIXTH SENSE but it had its own good points...guess we...

on a trip

The fan is rotating .have been staring at it for quite sometime.i try to focus on something other than that


guess i get this gutsy only when i am drunk...but when you are kicked in your face ..end up screwing everything that you define best thing to do is get drunk and muse over it endlessly


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