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Summer time is approaching and most children look forward to their grand vacation (some in a foreign land, playing with snow or cruising the blue seas). Me on the other hand, looking for some good ole quiet time at home, time to myself, with my family, talking chatting and discussing tons of stuff... :)
I'll be waiting until the time I have to go back to school! Good Bye Work and hello B-School! :D
Yes, I did make it through the interview I described and so did my brother.. Of course my brother will be going to greener pastures! A diff B-school in a diff land! :)
Although it is faar, although it will be a long time for which I will be away from all the people I know, I am not worried about that now.. All I am thinking about is my lovely vacation! Good ole Hyd!
I want my vacation before I go Back to School!! :D Gonna make the most of it! :D Maybe I'll write a book! ;)

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In our culture the term influence is used to convey a sense of power and used extensively and especially with politicians!
When we suggest a hair dresser, a restaurant, a doctor, a movie to our friends... we are influencing them - to a slight extent, but influencing them nonetheless. With every bit of influence comes a bit of responsibility. It is when we shrug off this responsibility that our influence really turns into misleading...
But seriously, in your friend circle, about something like what items to buy, would you really influence ur friend or would you rather let them choose for themselves? I would definitely not like to influence my friends to do things, I would much rather they chose to do it for themselves.
Is that because I am running away from responsibility or because I want to nurture their decision making capabilities?
Extending the thought of influence, when you try and sell something to people, be it yourself in an interview or some item or something else, you are not just trying to influence people, you are also trying to convince them to purchase the item or select your idea.
Ur not just trying to influence anymore you are trying to convince? How does a person who does not like to influence ever feel like convincing someone else, nevertheless selling something??
WE unfortunately live in a society where everything revolves around buying and selling.. be they items or just plain ideas! But then how do you tackle a situation of the sort above? Any ideas???

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The other day I was listening to a lecture and startlingly enough there was a little discussion about success. The startling part is not that there was a discussion, but that the person actually said some thing like: In order to succeed, you only need to know enough to succeed. You don't need to know everything. They are two disparate paths.
She went on to say, that have faith in what we say and do exactly what we ask you to, and you will succeed.
this made me think about the qualities of faith and trust.
Faith is for people who would much rather leave the burden of thought upon someone else. Not that it is bad. It is inevitable, but to what degree is definitely subjective. Without faith, life wouldn't be the same... so is true about thought.
There are a few more observations I made about faith. When you have faith, it automatically becomes the other person's (god's, the system's, the group's) responsibility to see to it that you succeed.
And then there is this one issue, which struck me much later on in thought process. What bugs me about faith is not that I have to trust someone, be guided by someone, listen to someone but rather that I have to be ignorant about other things. If I learnt about other perspectives and other ideologies, then they would clash and executing the things required as per what you are told would be close to impossible.
Imagine educating a child about all religions and let him choose to follow one. Wouldn't the choice he makes be based on some personal bias like where he was born or the teacher that taught him...
Similarly is the faith in modern sciences. We would much rather not delve into the intricacies because they are not relevant to our everyday existence. Somehow applying this for success, does not seem to be very appealing. Probably because we know there are multiple ways of doing it and more importantly, there are multiple factors involved in success.
My fundamental problem with faith is that it also preaches ignorance. I think if this can be somehow eliminated, then we'll have something more long standing. Something I can put my faith in. :D

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Created this blog a million years ago and I am adding the first post now!
I guess this is the pitfall of working in a company with firewalls and crap...

Anyway, this blog is dedicated to the musings of a guy on the road. What road? To where? Why? All questions hopefully answered in the blog posts.. (If the poor shmuck finds out himself! :P)

Anyway, the road beckons and this is how it all begins!

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