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21 Jul 2006

Banning blogs? WTF

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The Indian Government is acting like a dick.

They have banned blogspot, the single biggest blogging site in the world.
Along with blogspot, the honors are shared by and etc

Now the reason this is happened is becuase our oh so great govt feels this:

check this out: Indian govt feels that terrorists are using blogs to communicate.

my comment 1:

my comment 2:

my comment 3: WTF is wrong with Indian govt???

seriously this has to be really messed up logic. Now the terrorists invest a zillion dollars into intelligence and security and you expect them to communicate through blogs?

Now one guy might say, Yea, isnt it a brilliant idea, terrorists communicating through blogs, so fool-proof, no one would ever suspect it. Yea but blogs? Oh! Why not messenger? ban that too? why not email? So ban yahoo too!

But come on! Look how stupid this sounds, they are banning blogs!

I guess they should ban cells too( Wait a second, hasnt that already been done in kashmir, earlier?).

I guess the next claim will be that terrorists are using Orkut and Hi5, and handling out top secret files through scraps and instant messaging. Man, this is so funny, yet shocking and yet above it all depressing.

From what I hear, there was a list of 12 sites on blogger that were supposed to be banned, which were supposedly anti hindu or something, but now thats so ridiculous too isnt it? I mean blogger has more than a million blogs, surely there must be more than 12 anti-hindu blogs? So your hitech indian intelligence team are going to track down all these blogs, and meet their owners in timbucktoo and screw their asses? LOL!

According to one source
CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) - IN

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26 Apr 2006


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2 Dec 2005

astrology is a bummer

Posted by rishabh in General | 5:42pm

you know what, believing in zodiac signs and shit sucks big time. i just came across this channel zoom showing one weird programme called cosmic chat, first of all it isnt even called that, its cosmiic chat. its got this numerology crap, i mean what the hell do you mean that u r lucky number is 3,6,9. i mean will you stop eating 10 toffees jus coz it aint u r lucky number. and then there is this crap about changing u r name, man that shit is wacked, sanjay is sonjay or sunjay, suneel is suniel, kareena is kareina, damn man! lol the funniest thing is that they have this other girl simone whatever, who is like the traslator coz themain chick;s hindi sucks big time. and i aint that fond of this vaastu and feng shui crap either, but would like to remain silent bout that since i dont have much knowledge bout all that.i dunno maybe its just me, but i really aint into astrology, and i dont mind if yall are, but pleas for god sake, keep it u r selves.
incase u r wondering, i've just vented out me feelings. just had a huge discussing with a pal on the topic.

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11 Nov 2005

spell it

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you know its so weird that almost no one knows the spelling of the word weird. i know i sound paranoid, and prolly i am, but then this is really odd. at first i thought it was a typo, but later i realise that almost everyone spells weird as wierd. yea that is weird. so what have learnt today???
W E I R D.
so doesn't that make you feel good about your self since you learnt something new today? or maybe you just wanna stick your finger up my ass. eitherways is the words of the great Forrest Gump,"Thats all that i've got to say bout that"

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9 Nov 2005

being the moderator

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my cousin, came ova here for her diwali vacations with my nani(her dadi, since she'z my mom's bro's daughter). i t had been nearly 3 years since i met her. back then we were'nt all that cordial, and the convos between us would be minimal, and i'd be soooo pissed with each and every thing she did. it was awful. but now its all straightened out. we are really the close pals and she calls me very often and likewise. so naturally i was very excited about her comning here. when she came, i realised she brought trouble with her. HER CELL PHONE.
Aiite here's the deal.
my cuz is also pursuing the JEE dream like me, and she got all her assignments and shit and she was asking for my help. anyways, after a while we took a break and were just talking bout stuff. she then told me bout her this one pal who apparently isnt that bright and isnt much of a looker either. now her pal has a crush on this topper dude. so i decided to listen to my sis and her pal's conversation thru the other land line. god this girl is so despo. first of all shez eternally bored. you know the typer who say " i'm bored yaar, nothing to do". well if she wasnt this horny for this one guy, maybe shed actually have something to do. the problem with these types of people is that they expect too much from life. they want to be surprised every god damn second of their life. they think that everyone else are the court jesters and its their job to entertain them. jeez man, anyways, after a while "I" got really bored of their crap, so i slammed the phone. but that wasn't the end. this pal confessed over SMS to my cuz bout the guess, but it was quite obvious anywyas. what followed next was a weird convoy of 50 SMS. the usual sob and will he-wont he crap filled with shud i shudnt i crap too and lots of if's and buts' and what if's and the likes. man, people can be such losers at times. i told me cuz screw her, tis her problem, but them me cuz was also this nightingale sorta person, and she wanted to help and her entire day would be spent in being this love advisor person, man i've been thru that crap its a pain being the moderator. coz both the parties are so dumb. man i wish people just get real and accept the fact that at 16 u r not in love, u are just too horny. the faster we accept the truth, the better for us.

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17 Sep 2005

NaOH vs HCl

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Right! So today was our second practical class. We started with voulmetric analysis. Yesterday was the first. Our firt experiment was to determine the concentration of sodium hydroxide with Hcl being the standard solution i.e whose conc. is known.
The thing was, we had the pippet through which we had to suck NaOH upto a certain level indicated on the pippet itself( 20 ml). Yesterday we were practicing using water, since this was our first lab class. I was like jeez man, wtf is this crap.
Anyways, today was the real thing. We were using dil Hcl ofcourse. So me pal n me started doing the experiment. Every thing was going fine, we were getting marginal accurate readings, we had a nice spot by the window, the pyramids of the record books acted as decent chairs. We were taking turns sucking the pippet. While one would do that, the other would do stuff like washing the apparatus, handling the burrete etc.
"Reading no. 4" I jotted down on my observation book.
Everything was smooth, and then suddenly
"Aaargh!, pppha! phew," I had sucked a little too much, and it went all the way into me mouth. I was like , "Rishabh what the fuck is u r problem man, u've just taken in caustic soda, the stuff that squishes u r proteins and makes u r skin to pulp". I spat the shit. It tasted not all that bitter, it was just weird. Tasted a little like flour, but then the taste was the last thing on my mind wasnt it, it ws my tongue that i was worried bout!!!
I screamed, "PANI!!!!". My pals , who possesed a little bit of smartness, got me a glass of water, or shall i say a flask of water, or shall i say a flask of water from the same tap under which we wash the apparatus. But this was not a time to think bout all that crap. For a split second i thought what if the water+NaOH mixture explodes in my mouth, but the idea evaporated the second i thought of it, the absurdity of the moment stooped me to this level of thinking!
So i drank the water, gargled and spat at the sink. People started staring at me. Some puzzled, some smirking, some just staring. T'was weird, weird i tell ya. But this isnt the worst of it all. The after affect. My tongue started to get this burning sensation. It was as if a lil kid with large claws was scratching my tongues surface again and again mercilessly. It was awful. And it didnt stop. It is STILL fucking burning, though the intensity has decreased exponentially. My friend gladly agreed to do the remaining of the suckin of the pippet, thank god for him. I am content with writing readings and filling up flasks, for atleast another 2 classes.

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5 Jun 2005


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Ok. so since yall want more info on the books to buy for your quest to reach the most prestigeous insti in India in the field of technology and engi- da IIT

well nowadays 95% of the ppl that get selected in those 4000 sumthin ( which will soon become 5000 something) have formal training fromm the many "coaching centres" whose ad's fill more than 70% of mathematics today magazine. and most of these places supply their own material, which in fact is made by plagiarism. anyways thats not the aim here, the aim is just to let yall know what all books are well...good enough for the jee.

well let me go subject wise.
TMH is good for solved examples, though this book doesnt have enough exercises, but then if ya cover the solution, a solved example is but a problem. each chapter has about 100 solved examples. and plz plz buy the latest edition. this might be around 450 bucks
This bloke's book hasdecent set o problems too. but ya knw in maths there is a lotta herapheri, you'll see that most of the question are solved in TMH.

plz plz plz dont buy ML Khanna or RD sharma and the likes. These are just huge bums with lot of " i mean" lot of shit. i mean do you really want 40 examples each subtopic. and from what i've heard, ML khannna has only solved examples. anyways i dont have it, so shouldn't you.

do get DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS AND INTEGRAL CALCULUS by Amit Agarwal by ARIHANTH, each RS 200. these are gr8 books the level of problems is good and so is the collection. you wont find much of these problems in other books

also for theory on calculus do get Thomas and Finney by Pearson Education ABOUT Rs 500, though bargaining will modify that.
This is a gr8 book and should be renamed " calculus for dummies". it has lot of good examples, exercises, in depth theory, formulas, diagrams etc. and dont forget the CD.

then there's the usual SL Loney, Shanti Narayan, Piskunov for vector,trigonometry and all that and calculus.

also must must must is " play with graphs" by amit agarwal.... arihanth publications.
its superb. help you transform graphs and shit. very useful for mains and screening.

for other topics such as progression, inequalities, probability, school stuff along with solved examples should do.

also dont forget MCQ by bharati bhawan publications. and KD JOSHI should be read after completion of the chapter since its more of a revision book and not for a first timer. also KD has only JEE AND OLYMPIAD PROBLEMS .

if ya have cash left as well as the time, then get 3000 SOLVED PROBLEMS IN MATHS BY SCHAUM SERIES, by TMH.


for mechanics: un doubdtedly DC PANDEY IS THE BEST!!!!!!! but forst refer to the theory by resnick and h c verma.
also, for chapters like rotational mechanics
a book called interactive physics by MTG( RS 120) is excellent, because its the only book of its kind in the market, you'll see why.

for thermodynamics resnick halliday and krane is the best, though you can refer to h c verma for theory and DC PANDEY for problems

electricity,magnetism etc again DC pandey and Resnick and school stuff must do(we havnt done it yet so i wudnt know)

solve irodov, problems in physics iff u have time

atkins is pretty good. the basics include OP AGARWAL, OP TANDON. problems from bahadur, this has all the problems in the world but little theory. the solved examples are betta than the actual exercise.

JD LEE is god book, also your school text book, op agarwal tandon and arihanth for problems will do.

morrison and boyd is the god book.
solomons and fryhle is darn good too. besides this essesntial is peter sykes : reaction mechanism. schaum series for last minute practice. tandon is ok for beginners. and arihanth for problems: beware it has many wrong answers.

apart from this you can also get stuff by brilliant, apex, FIITJEE
must: subscription to PCM TODAY and PCM refresher. trust me the facts are consie and the selection of problems is gr8.
and also if you have access to net do enrol for the free course by apex knowledge city. it sends you free question every thats like 100 question every month per subject. and whats more that give you free notes on mechanics and calculus.

do refer to the tips on FIITJEE.COM and their solved examples and solve the previous JEE papers during last hours.



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12 Apr 2005

this and that

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we have 3 hour classes for JEE going on.

The Sanghi's are a huge industrial family in hyderabad. their empire includes two of the most popular hindi and telugu dailies - vaartha, a polester industries, mills and what nots. They are so rich that they have bought lots of land next to the famed ramoji film city, the area is called sanghi nagar. its just toooo huge. Mr Girish Sanghi is a MP in rajya sabha. he promised the kashmiri samiti of hyderabad that they could hold all their functions and meetings at his farm house. I was unaware of all this, frankly i dont give a damn. not that i hate my community, its that it doesnt matter where the meeting is held, i mean, its a meeting after all. quite dull, boring. people laughing out loud, clearly indicating they didnt follow a word of the joke that was just told to them. Eating the same food, they call it preserving our heritage.
Today was one of those days

frankly speaking i had no intention or interest to go to sanghi nagar, i have ne'er been there b4.
today was navreh. the southies here call it ugadi. whatever. my mom woke me up at 6 am. as i opened me eyes i saw a thali in front of me, with raw rice, a pen on top, some one rupee coins, some kheer and other stuff. it took me a while to understand what the hell was going on.
"chalo rishabh, pray to god for knowledge and yea touch the thali while doing so, and read this mantra"
what the fuck. its six fuckin am in da morn
though my mom isnt all that religious, she just likes to get done with all the formalities of the festivals.
9 am
"rishabh wake up, we're leaving"
what the fuck. its nine fucking am.
twas my dad.
"if yall going, y are u waking me up, btw where are you going"

"we're going to sanghi nagar, and u're coming with us"

"what way man. i'm sleepy..sleepy..sleepy"

" i dont know all this, put on something and come fast"

"kya? abhi to maine nahaya bhi nahi"

"phir jaldi nahao"

"do i have to?"

"rishu, i myself dont want to go there, but u know u r mom is very enthu bout all this, so we have to go"

"man the thinge we do for her"

anyways we left the home at 10. there was a bus waiting. no one had come.

"mama what the hell? where are all the other families."

"they'll come beta. patience"

"mom i have a test day after, i need ta study"

"rishabh it'll only be couple of hours"

"the place is like 40 kms from here mama"

"bas rishabh, now dont complain. be mature"


people started coming at their own time and leisure.

may all of them go to the place in between heaven and hell.
the only compromise was that amla, a kashmiri gal i've known for 10 years had come. she was the only one of my age in the bus. many others decided to reach sanghi nagar at their own time in their vehicles later.

"amla, why did you come today?"

"parent pressure"

ah, we two are so alike .

so we were talkin bout general stuff college, life, hols.

"chalo sab log, antakshari khelenge" i heard some one say.
aw man!
the thing about playin antakshari with elders is you can't sing western songs, coz theu dunt get it, and also coz it includes a ot of swears if ya start singin rap.
so i sang few new numbers. it wasnt all that bad, but it wasnt as interesting as solving TMH either.

after some time i realised we were movin in circles, coz the whole area was so maze like. anyways, we went to all corners of sanghi nagar, finally after an hour of askin people and navigating thro forests, we found, sanghi parkand guesthouses and farmhouse.
man was it fuckin hot. and boy were there so many mosquitoes and flies. i quickly went into the guesthouse. ah there was an AC there. Ah, there was a TV too. i switched it on. a dark blue screen flashed, i chenged the channel, same result, again, again and again.
" rishabh, take a hint"
"umm yeah, i know, screwed up TV"
"there's no cable wire man"

went out of the room.

my bro had got his bat and ball with him. good thing . i wasnt bored.bad thing. the ball was plastic. i was playin more of baseball, by jus hookin and pulling the ball, tryin to break the glass of the house. damn u plastic bal. it was so light that the loo (the air not the toilet) was drifting it away from the target.

lunch time. not bad stuf. there was the usual. and the damn mosquitoes. the elders had their usual discussion,

"and the muzzaffarabad bus will also be goin via......"

" when you put som much salt, doesnt the entire dish just......"

".....and look at that lady, she has a son in the US earning ........ rupees or dollars is it. i dont remember..."

" the match.."
ah yes the match
INDIA: struggling at 80/6, and chasing 320. deep shit man
fortunately there was another tv that had dd1, though blurred, and the room had a workin ac, and comparatively less mosquitoes. it was floddedwith people instead. as wicketsfell,, people went out. i was faithful. i stayed. or maybe, i just cudnt satnd the heat. never realised how time flew. amla and the other gals were at the terrace..chattin. they came in to check the final score. we lost. boo hoo.
now to make matters worse, my mom was like, ok now we're goin to sanghi temple.
i'm leavin i told her., why she asked.
i gave her a look that said it all. she was symphathetic. she was like ok, u an leave with khar uncle, he doesnt like temples anyway. hooray for khar uncle. he droped me off at sec bad. took and auto and came back. awwww my precious glasstone and JD LEE, I missed yall sooooo much.


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19 Mar 2005

da song!

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this is for all ya puddle of mudd fans. i just looove this song.

She Hates Me
Met a girl, thought she was grand
fell in love, found out first hand
went well for a week or two
then it all came unglued

in a trap trip I can

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28 Feb 2005

I did get some satisfaction.

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A few days ago I had seen this movie, starring the ever sexy, Angelina Jolie, called Life or Something Like it. It also had a cameo from Tony Shaloub, you know the guy from Stark Raving Mad and Monk, both of which unfortunately didn

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22 Feb 2005

The Eggs and the Potatoes

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I was jus thinking.. what

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22 Feb 2005

A lame intro

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Hello? TESTING TESTING ONE TWO THREE? Is this thing on? It better well be. Ok , i know am this dynamic person but my starters are lame. In mah first post i'll just clear up the shitty formalities and can get down to serious stuff from the next post onwards.

Well I'm rishabh. A student. Lookin at me in my formals getting ready to go to college, i may appear like a regular fat geek with long hair (hey! isnt that unusal enough?)..but appearances can be deceptive. i said they CAN be. Here that isnt the case. I am the way that i look...i dont have a split personality dilemma shittty crap going on. Well i'm a total extrovert...rock music buff..and a this is boring praising my self..if ya want a detailed bio with the number of hajmolas i can eat before i throw up on an empty can mail of leave a comment and that sort of stuff.

So why did i start or shall i sya AM starting to blog here? well coz i am a pakka hyderabadi( can finally boast of that since i've lived here for over a decade though i'm not a southie) anyways. i didnt know about the bloggin fraternity of hydiee till now that i do. i'm here and will started shortly.



SO if the topic matches i'd post the same post on both the blogs otherwise this one and the blogger one are quite different. so DO CHECK OUT BOTH!!!! AND KEEP THE FUCKIN COMMENTS COMING. no use having a blog that says 2 comments or 0 comments . that kinda shit sucks.

AND WELL I DONT CARE HOW THE COMMENTS ARE. lame stoopid smart gay anything.


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