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26 Nov 2005

a comment on movies

Posted by rishabh in Personal | 9:59pm

i think that movies that have less or no songs are better. sarkar was a step in the right direction, though the "govinda govinda" music did get on one's nerve.
i also hate movies, where are songs are moby-esque. let me explain that. i call those songs moby -esque, when one phrase or a couple of words are repeated again and again, and that covers most of the song. the one that immediately come to mind is "mangala mangala mangala mangala magala mangala ho!". and another recent one, which i find really really annoying and fucking pisses me off is "taj mahal". its like, during the promos, all they say is tajmahal like 10 times and show ppl fighting, quite absurd if ya ask me.
anyways, laterz, g2g now
peace !

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19 Nov 2005


Posted by rishabh in Personal | 12:23pm

Being in a "corporate college" gets you exposed to the real world, something you dont really see that often in u r school. the financial divide is move evident here, the narrow mindedness of the people is again more visible, you take time to adjust but when you do, you make great pals, u make pals that actually help your academics, that is, salaam namaste being a sucky movie isnt the only thing ya discuss, but most of all its the teachers. their semi-english lecturs, ungrammitical sentences, really bring a smile to u r face. Here are some of them, as a token of my respect to them, i've changed their real ID's, coz as far as teaching is concerned, they're all god like.

"so just we started oxidation, just we completed it"
"Ok don't confuse, let them write, isn't it?"
"You have to add Leaving group, leaving group, leaving group, an see then, ah!"
(this one is just too funny)
"billion's of dollars, that is, millions of rupees, the silicone industry is huge"
"there is a difference between real and artificial diamond, ZrO4 is zirconia, they're artificial or american diamonds"
"so it could be because there is some strain, or also could also be some disturbance due to strain of molecule"
"P205 reacts with oxygen forming P205, okay, what did i just say?"
"your answer is correct but i will tell you where you went wrong."
"nitrogen forms nitrogen"
"molecular weight and BP are related to molecular weight"
"so those whose all got ethers are correct, and remaining you know"
"Between zero and one, step of x is step of x"
what he meant was step of x was equal to x, thats what he wrote on the board, but this was a slip of the tongue, and we were roaring with laffter.
"Ozone was discovered accidentally, ozo means i smell, I-S-M-E-L-L!"

thas all fo now guys, laterz
-peace out

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15 Nov 2005


Posted by rishabh in Personal | 2:47am

I was just going thru google today and i found out today is SANIA MIRZA's budday!
so muah! Happy birthday sania and keep it up u r da best!!!

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14 Nov 2005

clash between two monsters

Posted by rishabh in Personal | 12:47am

The IIT-JEE coaching has become a nessecity if one wants to get into the campus.Narayana and FIITJEE are the two biggest names in the coaching industry, amidst all the hating and controversies these two institutions are still the most popular(brilliant is dying guys). I am associated with both since i recently enrolled for the FIITJEE one yr AITS(All India Test Series). I knew that these two rivals has no love for each other, but coz of that we students are to suffer. The difference in portion is unbelievable. I am almost studying upto 15 chapters at once nowadays.
so its inorganic chemistry, ist year chemistry, equilibriums, nuclear, mechanics(full), modern physics, ray optics(both wave and geo), organic(everything except carbohydrates and amino acids),entire calculus,permutation and combination, the binomial theorem- and all thyis needs to be done b4 20.
these narayana guys are damn smart, they know students will opt for FIITJEE aits than for Narayana AITS(look it even sounds cheap), so they have changed the teaching pattern, so that students are forced to shun FIITJEE in the back seat. Lets wait and see how it goes.
The next week or so is quite hectic for me, with exams and olympiads and shit. damn!
nov13-Weekly AIEEE exam
nov20-Fiitjee AITS
nov24-MTG's NSO
nov27:NSEC/NSEP(Nat standard exam in chem/phy, both on same day)
nov 27:narayana open test(this one i'll prolly miss)

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2 Nov 2005

"apparently their cock walks right through the door"

Posted by rishabh in Personal | 7:15pm

so i thin system of a down's nuts. i mean they're just so bizzare,whether bizzare good or bad, that i've stll not decided, but one thying is for sure, when they're playing, u just keep listening to them, real loud. They're irresistable.
They're latest single "cigaro" has some weird lyrics.
check ths out..
"My cock is much bigger than yours,
My cock can walk right through the door
With a feeling so pure..
It's got you screaming for more".

and wait, there'more

"My shit stinks much better than yours,
My shit stinks right down through the floor.
With a feeling so pure,
It's got you coming back for more".

an if ya thought it ends there,

"Can't you see that I love my cock?
Can't you see that you love my cock?
Can't you see that we love my cock?"

so all i could say after listening to it was
these guys get a make ove for like every album, n guess what they're from armenia. I think this is armenia's first rock band. I doubt if they're migrants or barbarians, but their music seems to be rockng the world so who the hell cares.
anyways, thats all for now

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30 Oct 2005

style or sex?

Posted by rishabh in Personal | 2:34pm

so i was bored the otherday and decided to watch trash the other day, and what better trash than ZOOM, ya know the channel that says, "isse dekho" as though it was trying to seduce you.

so there was this awards show or something, and everyone's comments were being asked. i felt it was complete bullshit. you know how all the stars go like style is what your comfortable in? man thats soo full of shit. NO ONE and i mean no one strands by that, trust me for girls, style is what gets the other guys the woody, and for guys style is what gets the girls in their pants. thats all there is to it.

anyways, so one question that was being asked to one and all, was a comment on sex and style.

cyrus broacha:two things i dont have(u behave this way and u'll remain that way man)

some other soap opera comedian: style requires 2 where as sex requires only one.( yeah if u r having sex with your toilet seat)

nikhil chinappa: some thing that can never be stylish. taking off a used condom.(umm ok so now we kow u r taking ecstasy)

jaaved jaafri: style and sex are like doodh and pani( funny, thats the first time i've heard it put that way)

some other socialite: style gets you as lot of sex, but too mch of it can be a bother (sex or style?)

theres lots more from where this came from, but i dont have the time to sit on my ass and type it all for ya. so  mez off now.



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12 Oct 2005

MP3 and more

Posted by rishabh in Personal | 9:57pm

Searching for pirated MP3's hyderabad can be a real pain in the ass. For one, hyderabad doesn't have such a huge western esp rock following as other places like delhi, mumbai and b'lore. I go to b'lore evey summer, and its in-ur-face sorta attitude is so totally different from hyd. People smooching on the road, shirts of kurt cobain and Liverpool jerseys being worn by one and all, and music being sold as freebies(is that an oxymoron?). sadly thats b'lore.
Hyderabad is quite different. me and my friend went out to buy music mp3's, just coz we were bored, and i had finished my assignments. we asked the internet cfafe guy near my house for help. he told me you get them at aditya enclave, viz like this huge IT building, not that hi tech, the place is filled with IT training centres, atleast 500. After spending an hour there asking people like losers whether mp3's were availible, and gettin negative response, we decided to get real and get outta there.bloody most of them thought we were regular sex offender, because of our laurel and hardy appearance, we were quite the unusual people to be roaming there.
I had heard that you get mp3's in honk kong bazaar in secbad. went there. there are like 10 shops or sumthin there. apparently only one shop had them. that too that place was filled with chandni bar type of albums and hindi crap. my pal likes hindi so he got all this hindi shit like aashiq banaya aapne and iqbal and love on sms shit. i was furious. the guy has only 12 english vcd's, out of which 11 were like forgotton song albums like ricky martin and n sync shit. the only decent album that was there was the ultimate collectiuon of AC/DC, each and every of their songs. quite appealing? i already had it. so i had to return single handedly, with a frankie in my hand. i was hugely disappointed. my pal suggested we go to koti viz like at the other end of the city, i was like screw it. bahut hogaya, i wanna go home. he was like ok.chill. and we did. went ova to a pals place, thankfully, he keeps in touch with latest rock, got a gb full of videos and i was happy again. why buy original cd's when u have fake mp3? why buy fake mp3's when you have pals giving you more for free? lesson learnt.

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10 Oct 2005


Posted by rishabh in Personal | 9:39am

Now that i have your attention. lol!
I have been completing my prac records this past week, after a while my hands get real tired(duh), once it so happened that i was on the chair, and my hands became real tired, and i took a little break. Out of my curiosity i was seeing the movies section of the hyderabad chronicle, now that i can't go to the theatre myself, all i could do was check out which theatre was playin which one.
Yawn. same old boring crap.
During the last 2 minutes of my paper gazing, i came across the blu movies section, and i was amused. The names of these movies brought a smile on my face. No this was not a horny, "i wanna shag u" sorta grin, but a genuine laugh, it was coz the names were soooooo funny. check it out
Beauty secrets
gupta shastram
jeena rahasyam
chinna papa pedda papa
european beauty
padosan ke ghar mein(english version)

i dont think anymore needs to be told.

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8 Oct 2005


Posted by rishabh in Personal | 4:18pm

Well, its been a while, but its finally happened. Our principal has finally come to our class and has given us "few" tips on how to fare better at the new JEE, now that is has "drastically " changed.

"Ok nanna, listen to me now. Here. Listen. I am not happy with your IIT performance nanna, in the past few tests nanna. Only 4 students in the top 100 in open test. No nanna. I think that you peoples are getting all worried by the new pattern. Listen nanna, the IIT has changed. You cannot study the way you studied before this changing nanna. Now, iit is equal to aieee. I will repeat nanna, iit =aieee. Yes nanna, totally objective patter, and we are testing you also based on the new patter only na? According to hrd ministry, CBSE is the limiting borderline nanna, did not understand>? i'll tell you nanna. iit syllabus is iit syllabus only nanna, but whatever the topic is. nothing will be out of cbse syllabus i think you understood. and now stop doing mains level problem nanna. only objective. and you have to work extensively nanna, like 300-400 objectives perday, so that later onwards it will be easy nanna. i suggest after doing objective from IIT book, do i aieee book also, i suggest golden bells publications. goldeb sorry, golden bells nanna, they are having special discount on our campus now only nanna. the actual package of 3 books for 800 rupees, for you only 350 rupees, no middle men on anything nanna, good no? for maths golden bells is the best, other books also are there outside like...aah arihanth, and other books also, but maths only golden bells is best only and i recommentd it nanna, and level is slightly just little above iitjee. you have to work very hard nanna for iitjee. so it will be great advantage to you, but that wil not mean IC(INTENSIVE AIEEE) students meeku competition giving, nat like that nanna, but work like them nanna, very hard. they are stayin late in camplus and working. and one more thing nanna, we are supplying new IIT materials from all the branches here, and you have to work them all atleast 2 times it will make you strong like anythin in the subjects because the conceptual clarity is very good nanna in narayana iit material.very sound nanna. now if you have any doubts, plz come and ask me personally, and dont waste time nanna, ok? thank you."


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3 Oct 2005


Posted by rishabh in Personal | 3:48pm

Yep thats how he looks in the new LUX ad. Umm, yea like i was sayin, the add also has a sequel. So thats 120 seconds of gay airtime.
Aiite, it all started like a month ago, when I fisrt saw it. There was SRK, India's Sweetheart, in a bath tub, with rose petals, and milk, shirtless(duh!), with the water an inch below his point sized nipples, he delivered his line, "LuX, aur kya". At first I thought it was a parody or sumthin like that. But i realised it wasn;t. The gr8 SRK was actually advertising for LUX bathing soap!
It was weird. nd not b4 long, there was the sequel to it. This one was freaky.The tub, with SRK in it, surrounded by LUX faces on yesteryear, HemaJi, Sri Devi, Kareena, and sum other bitches, all grinnig at him in a weird horny shit way. He introduces them all with one adjective, check this out, "Sensous" sri devi, ROFL...
And then i dunno why, they all advance towards him and drown him, and the ad finishes
After it ends, you don't know what to do, to laugh, to pity him, to forget it, whateva, whateva the case may be, you start to look at SRK in a totally different way.
Is that a grin I see on KARAN JOHAR's and Manish Malhotra's face???

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29 Sep 2005

Notes on the ZIPPER

Posted by rishabh in Personal | 4:58pm

Its used to happen quite often to me. No we're not talking indulging in gay porn(i'm totally straight btw), I'm talking about the zipper of my trousers being left on.
This problem as you might know happens only in Jeans, for normal trousers score over jeans in the zip department.
This Zip since then has been given several names such as the Good(Zip)
Ugly(Post Office)
Coming back to the topic, It was a great concern to me, and trust it doesn't take u to be a genius t figure out when it's happened. I mean, you are asking doubts to your chem lecturer about Raoult's Law and you have these ugly bitches laffing at ya, now Raoult wasn;t a transvestite, so its pretty obvious what they're giggling bout. Or else, u r in a mall, and u notice a chick checking you out, you see that suddenly, the horny look on her face has just turned to a expression that'd make ya believe that she was being served shit.

Now the problem lies here, when you realise the true story, what dya do then?
Do you move u r hands towards the zipper and close it in front of the entire public, who'll for sure will be thinking of you as a sex hungry maniac. Or do you, turn aside for a moment, do the stuff, and turn around, nah too obvious, or simplywalk away and act as though nuttin happened?
Again it depends on the situation.

Now why does this problem arise:
Its like Integeration in calculus, not one particu;ar reason satisfies all.
Some times the waistsize of the jeans aint proportional to u r waist size, i.e, u r pant being too large
Or maybe while zippin the trouser, you didnt zip it till the top most point,
Or maybe, coz u bend a lot
......n REASONS.

So what the fuck dya do?
Just wear a longer shirt, agreed you;ll look like a wannabe puff daddy, but atleast thats less humiliating.
Or walk around starin at u r crotch all the time, nah we aint that influenced by MANSON yet.
Or just be careful b4 going to large gatherings esp when sexy members of the opposite sex are present.

Thank god my new pair od jeans has no such problem. Thank you Levi's. Go to hell Wrangler!

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25 Sep 2005

Forwards ruin your day for sure!

Posted by rishabh in Personal | 5:03pm

Yep tis true. This world is much better without them . I know i sound like a rude bastard, but its the fact people. Ofcourse with every email site offering 1 GB space, it doesnt really mind ya as far as the space is concerned, but jeez, all these forwards are sooooooo fucked up.
Most of them are are dumb friendship thing.
Now look, the usual one's are like a plagiarised poem, with every line rhyming, and words often repeated, quite mediocre i know. i mean do u really need that to prove that u r someone's pal. and the really weird thing is that ach of thee mails has stuff like u r my dearest most precious friend, now what i wanna know is, how can a person have 200 dearest and most precious pals,. going by the number of ppl a mail is being sent to.But thats not the last of it. In the end it says u need to bloody send it to so and so many people or u r love life/gay life/married life/whateva might get ruined. I mean PEOPLE!!!!! WAKE UP!!!! I f people actually got dumped , divorced, heartbroken etc coz they didnt forward a lousy forwarded messg, man this world would be in ruins wudnt it?
And yes ofcourse
There are the pity mails.
I agree that some of them are genuine,
but 99.9% ar just so full of shit.
type 1:
Hello ******
My name is ******, i am 7 years old. i lost my teddy. please pass this on to your friends, and for every forward i'll get a cent to buy a new one.

type two:
while i was in IRAQ, my shop was blasted by bush, and now i am jobless, also the americans are mean. plz send this mail to 10000000 others so that i will receive 1 iraqi what's-their-currency-again? for every forward.

Type three:
I was driving, i was drunk, and i was horny. my gf got out of control, and started actin all dirty. i lost hold of the wheel. ow i just have one nose and 3.5 teeth left. plz send me some fuckin dollars.

oh jeez this list is endless. you get the idea.
why do people do this, why send forwards at all?

Oh yes...then there are those so called
"cute forwards", Y a know the ones with huge stuffed animals and babies showin ya the middle finger, that makes ya go like, "awwwwww cho chweet" and shit. yea. man their so depressing. people actually like to have their mailbox filled with crap like that. I mean if you really like stuffed stuff so much, why not log onto a similar website, or sit at the archies gallery all day.
you can imagine why i wrote this post. i just received like 15 forwards quite recently. these were my views. those who like it, better appreciate it, those who dunt, well see if i care.
anyways, mez gotta go.

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25 Sep 2005


Posted by rishabh in Personal | 12:08am

Does it ever happen to you that when someone tells ya that something is awful, and they really mean, u agree with them just so that they'll fucking shut up, but dunt really pay too much attention to what actually is being said? oh shit y am i asking this, obviously it happens to all of us, otherwise we'd all be sum psychic faggots like "TULSI VEERANI". Anyways, it happened to me today in my practical class.
You see, a week b4 our pracs started we finished the chapter "salt analysis" in IIT class. My pals were like , rishabh man H2S aka hydrogen sulphide has the suckiest small on the planet, it jus makes ya wanna die. i was like, really? but didnt imagine it to be really that bad. I mean its just a little sulphur, the stuff from which gun powder is made, so that can't have a foul stench. But oh i was wrong.
Come24th september, i took a test tube with a sodium sulphide(which didnt give an aroma by its own as well), and reacted with HCL. HOLYFUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
let me put that in a more controlled manner
Man it was like shit, only worse, it was like the hussain sagar, only filthier, it was like fart, only messier. damn man. H2S kicks ass for all the wrong reasons. I actually felt like how harry felt when the dementors came next to him. All the happy thoughs meltin away, and being surrounded by stench, man it was a nightmare. I had to bury me face in me shirt, where the mornin'g deo came to be rescue. Thank god for Park Avenue!
The nest time i'll always take a perfumed hanky wid me!

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