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Shut Up Already

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its been brought to my notice that ive started to talk to myself.and im not too happy about it.the reason is this ...
i had a girlfriend in school who used to talk to her self.she did it all the time and everywhere.when she was alone or with people around.and somehow i found myself having to defend that quirk of her's every now and then.some guy or the other would go ,
"haha ,your chick talks to herself.look at her walking down the corridor , waving her hands about and talking some shit to herself.loser"

and id have to say something like,
"yeah atleast my girl has bigger tits than me.why dont you go eat somemore jam , ya fat fuck?".
and in spite of calling the fat guy fat ,i wouldnt feel totally feel a little guilty , as i too thought that she was a bit of a freak,talking to herself.
which brings me to my current it ok ,now that i do it , for people to talk to themselves? i feel its fine.and i even feel guilty for feeling guilty about her.

and also , back in school , i was the skinny guy who called each and everybody fat.i was without mercy , and each and every kid fatter than me got it.(and i was skinny as hell,so i got to call a lot of people fat a lot of the time.)

and for some strange reason calling a guy fat never gets old..i remember calling a guy fatso when we were in the 4th class and then calling him fatso when we got to the 12th .same effect ..

but the deal is im not skinny anymore.4 years of my life fucking wasted in "college".all that time spent sitting on my ass in front of the computer playing Diablo .. with the only exercise being an ass scratch when i leveled up... well, it led to me losing the skinny im something that i would have comfortably called fat in school.fatso even ...

i know when i started typing this crap out that i had some sort of a point i wanted to get across.damn .. ive forgotten.

yes , it had something to do with maybe how i, having seen the inherent hippocracy(love that word,though im not too sure i can spell pretty sure it's entymothingylogical root is from the "hippocratic oath") in my judgements about others, should take it a little easy labelling people.
or some shit like that ...

we end this presentation with a quotation from Geneisis 10.1 :
Mr. Garrison: How would you like to go see the school counselor?
Cartman: How would you like to suck my balls?
Mr. Garrison: What did you just say?!
Cartman: Oh, I'm sorry (Clears throat and pulls out megaphone), actually what I said was, "How would you like to suck my balls, Mr. Garrison?"

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For Me To Poop On !!

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just got hold of some triump-the comic insult dog clips ...
they are side splittingly funny ... i spent half an hour watching a ten minute clip ...laughing my ass off ... yeah , after a LONG LONG time , i was literally fucking ROTFLMAO ....
for those who dont know , triump's this puppet dog
that walks around insulting people the most hilarious ways possible .. the guy who does the voice (its live , with real people getting insluted) is amazingly quick in his quips ..
i could go on , but im going to watch some instead ..
id be glad to pass on my now pitiful but fast growing collection to anyone interested ...
theres a ten minute clip when it insults all these guys queued up to watch star wars 2 ... too damn funny ...
another ones a spoof on 8 mile ... its good too..
stuff like this can make your day ... not loud and in your face like dave chappellE...that guys a moron ...

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some chap somewhere asked
could you ever really love someone who didn't like The Simpsons?

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Aunts Arnt Gentlemen

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no they arnt... i love my two pinnis to bits .. they are my buffer against the harsh world... they protect me from the wild moods of nature ( read parents ).. but now they've screwed me over nice and good...
i'd spent all day yesterday at an aunts place, sitting around doing nothing ... they have a nice tv and a ps2 go figure ... had a good time and then i get back home ... my mum's all worked up .. my aunt's called home and they've had a "long discussion" about me .. basically its time i get a grip on life and start doing something useful .. so my uncle's going to get me a job and i have to start real soon ..
fuck!! i was counting upon my general unemployableness to enable me to continue my lazing around till i get to that ms place and then i thot id continue doing there where i left off here .. no more ... been stabbed in the back by the ppl id sell my soul for .. my aunts ...damn
i think id escape real work if i go join some call center or something .. dell and de-toilet should have openings right ....
this get-a-job-now thing ties in with what happened a few days back ... id gone to bangy a few weeks back meet some friends ... had a wild time etc etc .. one of my dickhead friends there (im going to break his scrawny neck i fucking swear) decides it would be hilarious to stash a condom in my wallet and have someone find it .. y'know , some chick here rifling through the wallet would find it , and much awkwardness and uncomfortable twitching would ensue ... haha ..
now my wallet is full of utter shit .. its got everything in it but fucking cash .. so i didnt really notice...
so my mum was searching thru it , looking for some phone number , and she found the condom ... and she freaked out .. didnt call me out on it then and there .. saying what the fuck is going on, tell me all ...
she instead stewed inside , thinking her little ladla is getting "spoilt" as well as lazy .. so all this erupted out a few days back .. she wanted to know if i "move with friends who womanize"!! it would have been funny if it would have been anyone else but my mum.
now i wish i were the kinda guy who'd need to carry around a ks in his wallet , y'know ,just in case.. im gf freaked as well ,when i called her and told her , saying she could never ever look my mum in the eye that joke worked out better than that buttface hoped for, i guess.

so basically now my mum and my aunts are gunning for my ass to get out and earn some money... sucks

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A New Day ... Aka More Woe

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what the fuck can you get done in 30 minutes ... nothing thats worth doing ... all good stuff needs time to get done ... 30 mins is a rather insignificant amount of time... simply because nothing good gets done within half an hour (yes nothing ,foreplay counts... :) )
so why the fuck have a 30 minute session timeout? i typed lots of crap out .. and its gone dickhead.yes yes , there's a warning there but who the hell reads warnings.. if i heeded all the warnings that came my way id be out earning millions and having orgies instead of sitting at home ,farting in front of my computer..

anyway,ive got to start looking for a job from today ... been getting blasted by family about being a worthless layabout ... so will start searching from ..... now.
any ideas anyone? a job for 2 months..
i'd thought about being an apprentice at a motorcycle mechanic dad laughed .. real hard.
i guess ill go to some call center or something .. become some tech-support-monkey-boy..
adios ... off to trawl the streets of banjara hills ,searching for visa pimps...

visa date update: the earliest date has come to feb 3 from feb 6th ... woohoo , some titty somewhere's cancelled ...
and its pouring outside ... cant go by bike .. fakk

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That Was Fast...

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woah cool ... my fusst comment ... i feel all tingly all over ... thanks blur :)
but its not all my fault about the visa thingy (really). whats the thing that comes to mind when you think of visa bookings ... thats right .. right? WRONG!! its some now ... the ttservices site says that there are plenty of slots free... so i was cool.. now i find out thats all outdated crap .. no dates till feb!! so ill have to keep a lookout for cancellations .. and talk to "visa consultants" who'l fucking fleeeeeeeeece me!! all i can do is hope for a massive outbreak of chickenpox or something ... so multiple cancellations occur.let it be so...

do i have to post a new one to reply to a comment? or should i comment too ?hmm,a toughie...

yeah , that smiley was getting to me.. thats NOT how i look constipated ... ( i have a massive mirror in the loo so thats how i know ok , so bah)..and i like tinkering around with my post:)

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man im bored ... and fcked ... i need a visa appointment date and there arnt any!! none till feb 2006!! oooooh im screwed ... got to get to univ by feb and i cant ...
anyway ... im just done with engineering (finished in four years !! woohoo) and applying to yemyess ... at abroad ... thats right ... im a sell out ... brain drain and all that :) .. yeah but no visa dates .. so those grassfckers will just have to do without me ...
im screwed ... cant wait to see the expression on my mums face when i tell her(before it turns ravenous and rabid and she starts howling at the moon)

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