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4 Jan, 2005 @ 5:16am | General

My short and uneventful life as a blogger seems to be destined to go the tried that..didnt work..chucked it route..

i been staring at this screen here for 30 minutes.. which is the required time for the session to time out..and which as per instructions it did.

i had not written a word so it was of no earth shattering importance but the fact that i could not write something in that 30 minutes is astounding.. Coz my head has been swimming in a torrent of blog worthy topics all day each jostling for pride of place and prominence .

maybe being a gemini has something to do with it... life is so much easier with a handy scrapegoat around.

this astrology thing also astounds me... how the hell does the particular alignment of stars millions of light years away at your birth have such devastating effect on one life?

i know a guy born on the same day as i but we are as different as the fabled chalk and cheese. they say it was coz we were not born in the same place.. geography too has its say.. but what then about non identical twins..? a couple of minutes here and there...

conclusion: astrology is bunk. its all conditioning.

but i read linda goodman once and it had me teethering in surprise how a gemini exhibits most of the traits i possess. it felt like it was written for me.

final conclusion: the world moves in mysterious ways... not for mere mortals.. this understanding.


Current Mood: Amazed
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