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Thus spake the master

22 Jan, 2005 @ 12:51am | General

A hushed silence as he walks in... people scurry out of the way as he walks puposefully to the altar of his trade..

He sits on a device specifically constructed to ably support his mighty frame , which can swivel as well as roll wherever he so desires. The height can be adjusted and it can lean back.

His behind satisfactorily settled, he surveys the scene before him. Everything is as it should be...everything awaits his slightest of wishes.

His hand rests briefly on a rodent.. he gives it a few affectionate pats with his index finger.

He pauses..leans back.. he ponders..he sees not the mass of cowering disciples adulating his every move.. his eyes glaze over

Ah! the master has crossed over to the realm of the profound.

A period of time elapses..he is still looking quite blank.. but there is nary a restive soul in the audience... it will come it will come... he is out wandering out among the great souls..soon he will return and show us the way out of our lustful lives. He will salvage our unworthy souls he will show us a point to all this.

He stirs... a collective gasp..but only to scratch himself....

An eternity passes.. the very real danger called "being timed out" presents itself..

He hastens with his thought processes.. he collects his thoughts... he summons for the big one to come forth so that he may expound on it.

His eyes open

His fingers which have the miraculous power to communicate by merely descending here or there undulate with purpose.

He takes a deep breath... chances are he may get beaten up for this..but this is what he wants to say...


"HI all"




Current Mood: Cheerful
Current Music: Aicha-kaled