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19 May, 2005 @ 3:15pm | General

Her face was contorted with her rage. Her neck stretched out, her hands waving wildly emphasizing every point. Our man looked at her calmly. Her hair was disarranged , she had a flush on her cheeks. His mind wondered if flushed cheeks is a sign of good health and if so then her anger is probably good for her health.  She was now holding his collar and her face was inches away. He was surprised that a woman so frail could have such strength. She was quite close. He wondered what would happen if he were to suddenly kiss her. She was screaming about something. He was aware of the noise emanating from her mouth and the relatively high decibel levels but he could not make sense of it . He had considered stuffing cotton in his ears before facing her but her voice was of a penetrating quality designed to circumvent or penetrate through all sound dampening materials. She was showing no signs of abating. For want of anything better to do he decided to attempt to see if she had any cavities. It would have twin purposes , one he would appear to be terribly interested in her and two it would increase his general knowledge. She appeared to get a bit rattled by his intense staring down her gullet. Suddenly he perceived questions were being asked of him, he was required to answer them. He hmmmed . How to answer a question he had not heard? He looked at her. She was looking at him, expectant. He hmmmed again. He thought deeply.

Current Mood: Dismissive
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