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starry eyed wars

22 May, 2005 @ 2:11pm | General


i sit here with a wide grin and a ticket in my pocket for the 4:45 show of star wars at prasad.

yesterday morning i was at vijaywada and wondering whether i would be able to make it in time. yesterday afternoon i was in ongole wondering whether i would get tickets, yesterday evening i was in nellore considering how the chances were against me.

morning 7 i arrive hyd. i love the view of the city as one enters in the mornings. the minars of the high court make for an absolutely facinating sight in the mornings. and the buddha in his water fortress is a sight that gladens the eye

i havent slept much, but i'm loathe to sleep. i try the prasad number every half an hour. finally at 10 a break thru. lady informs, no tele booking, stand in queue and chances are bright.

rush, car goes vroom. reach prasad.. in the process exorcising old ghosts and by going thru a route studiously avoided till now.

big queue. TV screens informing availability. wait patiently . finally star wars 3- housefull , both shows

loud sound .heart goes crack.

hope:  the quintessential human delusion simultaneously the source of your greatest strength and your greatest weakness. (- the architect in matrix)

so i stand in queue, prepared to be ceremoniously told no tickets.

my turn. full dignity 'one ticket, star wars please.' no special emphasis on the please. that will come later after his response. miraculously he says. first row only. ok?

i ponder :))

i say : ok

done. :)

drive back. head in the clouds. blow kiss to ol buddha. notice they have put peevees photo's in his tomb or whatever its called. grin like a maniac. grin at people on the road, grin all the way home.

i feel good, real good.

 i'm the child of today, my life ruled by instant gratification and mindless crass commercialism . no flower to give power, no rock to roll. no ideologies to die for . no nothing.

one front row single ticket for the tube light fight show.

forgive me marcus aurelius, you'll have to wait till tonight.

Current Mood: Dumb
Current Music: pink panther theme