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boredom and guns

25 May, 2005 @ 9:47pm | General

There are days and then there are those days.

This is one of those days. when u wish u had a fully loaded gun and spare clips. Preferably The navy colt .38 magnum. no particular reason except that all my favourite western novel heroes seem to prefer it.  Colt .38 caliber revolvers were first bought for the U.S. Navy in 1889. In 1890, the Army field tested 100 of these revolvers and purchased 100 to repay the Navy. An order for 8,000 Colts followed, and from that date until adoption of the .45 Automatic, the Colt .38 revolver was the standard issue sidearm for the Army, Navy and Revenue Cutter Service (early Coast Guard).

The .38 is below and beside it is the .45 navy colt automatic. It was reputed to blow holes the size of a fist in the poor unfortunate facing it.

After the navy colt i like the british brownings.. simply because they look really cute.. and they make cuter holes


The luger come in third. and this one here is the culprit behind the deaths of all the hero's friends in ww2 movies who get killed by the germans.



But the guns is not the point. Its boredom. of the extreme variety. The guns come in the picture coz any one of them can be the cure simply by the application of gentle pressure on the component known as the trigger with the business end of the gun pointing at the shortest route between the two ears of the boredom afflicted.

I dont get to meet interesting people. Interesting people are people who sleep with guns under their pillow.  I dont know a single guy who sleeps with a loaded gun under his pillow. James bond sleeps with one. but we have not yet been formally introduced.

I wish to place on record my displeasure with this sordid activity called life and the management responsible for making it the way it is. I protest the Vision,Mission and policies of the management. I vote for a change. The opposition party must be brought to power.I demand more excitement and entertainment. I was not consulted before being produced and had i known how terribly boring its going to be i would have never accepted. The only happy thought is that it cant last forever.

This was a bad deal.

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