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13 Dec 2004


Posted by Divakar in General | 8:20am

The stars were stoned and the night stripped bare naked, exposing herself to a gloomy day. The pearls dropped from heaven onto the green carpet beneath, drenching the naked trees and making the flowers cry. The past was smiling sorrowfully through a rear view mirror, leaving its footprints on the decayed time. Its legacy was heard in every chord that was played. It echoed a series of faltered art, it was indeed a warcry of a wounded heart.

It was a never ending exile, carying the burden of fragile truth and dominant lies. The frozen feet were tied with heavy chains of emotions, and the pain was harvested in the fields of sorrow. The dead stones finally broke the silence and summoned the courage to confront the fallen goddess. But, it was too late!! The night spread its wings again and carried the day in its womb.

Is this an illusion??

Current Mood: Thoughtful
Current Music: Indian Ocean- Kandisa

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  1. By Jai

    13 Dec 2004, 9:20am [ Reply ]

    mate, stop smoking that shit.
    n hey, what time is your train getting here?

  2. By itsme

    13 Dec 2004, 1:58pm [ Reply ]

    its really really good...!!! :)

  3. By Neurotron

    13 Dec 2004, 2:18pm [ Reply ]

    This is above and beyond anything you've ever written.
    Simply fabulous, Diva!

  4. By Anil

    13 Dec 2004, 3:18pm [ Reply ]

    *rubbing his eyes in pleasant disbelief* ist his you diva? I mean where did this come from? Holy shit I just scanned thru it rapidly now and I'm short of breath...I dont know what I'll happeen when I really sit down and read it at leaisure. Ok..ok..let me stop blabbering andd just echo what Neurotron said...this is someething unbelievable and I hope that you will continue in this vein. Wondering what set this off?

  5. By Anil

    13 Dec 2004, 3:20pm [ Reply ]

    Shit...'the stars were stoned'..that line refuses to leave my brain...amazing...is aussie mal so good?

  6. By diva

    14 Dec 2004, 6:09am [ Reply ]

    itsme: hey thnx
    neurotron: thnx dude...iam with jai in brisbane now, comin back, so see ya soon.

  7. By diva

    14 Dec 2004, 6:17am [ Reply ]

    Anil: i liked it too dude, but if u have certfied it as my best work, then it has to be "the one"...thnx man...probably the harbour bridgr and the opera house inspired.

  8. By Neurotron

    15 Dec 2004, 9:56am [ Reply ]

    yeah, I heard you were coming back soon. Looking forward to meeting you man... :-)

  9. By sita

    15 Dec 2004, 4:51pm [ Reply ]

    Tha' was awwwwwesome..

  10. By diva

    15 Dec 2004, 8:31pm [ Reply ]

    neurotron: yeah dude, will meet ya at our meetin point soon...btw iam comin on thr 5th night..hope u have my number.

  11. By diva

    15 Dec 2004, 8:33pm [ Reply ]

    Sita: merci beaucoup mademoiselle, c'etait tres gentille.

  12. By teja

    16 Dec 2004, 4:10pm [ Reply ]

    the stars were stoned...amazing diva...this one should be the best of all your blogs...i am proud of you boy! and by the way i am leaving on the 29th

  13. By diva

    16 Dec 2004, 6:21pm [ Reply ]

    hey dude, thnx man!! so ur leavin before i come, eh...btw, when r u usually online...lemme know.

  14. By jai

    22 Feb 2005, 10:48am [ Reply ]

    maaamu... kya hua... zinda hai mar gaye?

  15. By vara

    22 Mar 2007, 3:51pm [ Reply ]

    Wonderful. Very picturesque.

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