This is the second time I am trying to post this! The first it simply refused to register. I hope that does not happen this time!
Everytime I see someone waiting, frozen or otherwise, thinking that if they wait long enough.. what's happening will cease.. As if if you stared at an accident long enough, the two cars would automatically separate without a scratch, as if a pregnant silence will make the guilt go away, as if the pain would disappear if u stared at the train long enough!
It's gone.. The train has its own journey to make (and all the passengers are forced to oblige.. ) As I stood in the station, I was in a state of disconnect, unrelated to the chattering and sqwaking of the public - an entity lost in thought - no specific direction, just random thoughts about food, water, company and other essentials!

Everytime I see someone frozen in time, thinking and reliving past memories, I can only remember Gandalf the Grey mutter, "Fly you fools!" Cuz that's what we should be doing! There is no point in holding on with dear life to what is gone and what has left.. It makes more sense to move on..
A friend reminded me, "There are 6 billion people on this planet, the last time I checked. If you are feeling alone, then it's your own doing!"
Sitting in this max populated city, I think it is about time for me to make that move.. I must fly.. Cuz I know I could soar like an eagle, perch like parrot and have a taste of many mangoes to come.
Fly you fools!

Current Mood: Bye!
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