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soulmates explained

1 Jan, 2005 @ 11:41pm | General

Plato in his Symposium writes about the myth that originally people were all hermaphrodites, then god stepped in and split them into two. Now all the halves wander the world seeking each other

love it seems is the longing for the other half of ourselves we have lost.

that could be the soulmate people speak about.. but mathematically the probability of u encountering, correctly identifying and having all external conditions ideally suited to furthur your union is so remote that its not even worth considering...

so what does that mean? give up hope and latch on to the least displeasing of the lot and make do or occupy the high grounds and conduct a totally undefined search for a form u cannot describe.

a no brainer eh?

what a pity.....................

Current Mood: Thoughtful
Current Music: eye in the sky- alan parson project


[No Subject] | Posted by drp

huh? 8-}

but seriously...awesome blog-liner at the top...seriously nice line...:D

@ 12:41am, 2 Jan 2005

[No Subject] | Posted by The Scorpion's Sting

read Only Love Is Real by Dr. Brain L. Weiss, it'll reaffirm ure faith in soulmated ;)

@ 2:54pm, 2 Jan 2005

[No Subject] | Posted by koyitobhi

where does probabiliti com into this? probability is only for random events. the real possibility will be orders of magnitude higher that what probability says.

@ 1:33pm, 3 Jan 2005

[No Subject] | Posted by george

life itself is so random.. u urself koyitobhi are the fortuitous one in a 5 million probability. And in my opinion..everything is random.
i read a book on soulmates by richard bach- bridge across forever.. after the gut wrenching chapters and the happy conclusion since he does discover his soulmate.. i reaffirmed my faith in soulmates only to be told later than our man divorced his soulmate 2 years later!!
so much for that!

@ 8:48pm, 3 Jan 2005

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