The JaszMan is back!!!

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 05/01/2005, 00:14 hrs

Among all things that can be complated under the concavity of the heavens, nothing is seen that arouses the human spirit more, that ravishes the senses more, that horrifies more, that provokes more terror or admiration than the monsters, prodigies and abominations through which we see the works of nature inverted, mutilated and truncated.
Pierre Boaistuau, Histoires Prodigieuses, 1561

That's true.

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Responses to The JaszMan is back!!!

  1. Very impressed with ur blogs....

  2. *posts i meant

  3. aiiiitttte jaszboi!!!

    Richa is impressed n all by ur posts n other things!! go Jasz go!

    u da one for Richa!! :-S 8-}

  4. what are you getting at ? @ jasz

    ROTFLMAO @ drp..

  5. 1. You are a mutilated, abominable monster? are going to write GRE?

    3. you like Pierre Boaistuau?


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