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kite wouldnt fly :(

9 Jan, 2005 @ 9:23pm | General

i'm terribly ashamed to report that i do not know how to fly a kite.

i look out of the car window..i see kids flying kites,

i go on the terrace.. i see the sky line dotted with myriad kites struggling their way up.

i sit bored and disinterested at a dealers counter and sure enough the kids on the terrace opposite are engaged in a deadly duel with an enemy kite.

i reflect sadly on my sorry kite history....

i'm the guy u hear about who coulld never get it up.... :)

i know the theory, i've seen it being done, little kids do it..

yesterday i went parasailing with friends on hussain sagar...  and up there at 150 ft .... i saw kites on land and i made the momentous decision then and there.. i'm going to learn how to fly a kite or perish in the attempt.

i'm sorry to report today was a failure as 5 torn kites on the terrace will testimony... but i'm getting there.

and if u noticed there was no breeze at all... so it wasnt really totally my fault.

tomm evening if i can get off work early and if u were to look up..u'ld probably see my kite up there terrorising the skies.

wishing..and hoping..and trying...

Current Mood: Feeling Better
Current Music: american pie


[No Subject] | Posted by Aran

i'm the guy u hear about who coulld never get it up.... :)

rofl. priceless! :D

@ 10:23pm, 9 Jan 2005

[No Subject] | Posted by smile

hey! no big deal!!! get a few friends and practice..ur kite wil definitely fly high! mine flew for 1 whole min the last time i tried :D .. cheers

@ 9:53am, 10 Jan 2005

[No Subject] | Posted by Blogger

Such a simple topic and such a beautiful way of expressing it.
You are talented.

@ 10:39am, 10 Jan 2005

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