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16 Jan, 2005 @ 12:41am | General

i generally have answers to everything... they need not be correct or appropriate but yes.. if u ask me a question , u can be pretty sure u will get an answer..

this question was posed to me today:

Q) What would be a suggested course of action when an acquaintance farts noisily when you are the only two people in a silent room... drop the acquaintance forever?

A) **************************(doesnt matter what answer i gave him..what is important here is his next question)

Q) what if that acquiantance was your wife?

Thinking about life, human beings and relationships makes me want to jump out of the window...... and i think i just will.......





i just cant seem to find my parachute..:)


Current Mood: Embarrassed
Current Music: Im leaving on a jet plane


[No Subject] | Posted by krits

I found you!By George, I finally found you!!!I shall now have greater insight into the fabled labyrinth(did i spell it right?)called G's mind!

@ 10:13pm, 16 Jan 2005

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