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Charming_Light | 25 January, 2005 13:45

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What is a relation? NO wonder there would be many explanations/ interpretations for this? But do we really mean what we say? Most of us in this present world of modernization give importance only to materialistic things but not for those values/ principles/ morales/ thoughts. Today in any sort of relation people tend to be more practical.


                                                                          We meet many people in our day-to-day life, we share many things with the ones who are close to us or to say with the ones with whom we share a 'realtionship'. But when the time comes when we no longer need them we just ignore them or forget them with time. So there



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Crazzy | 25/01/2005, 14:45

The best value to your life is the best decisions, promises and best friends you make.

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smile | 26/01/2005, 20:59

well everythin in life... all relations and everythin happens for a reason.. so if a relation strong today breaks isnt surprising..the deal is to make the most of wat u have at the moment.

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geek | 27/01/2005, 22:10

who dumped you dear?????

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Johnny | 28/01/2005, 09:24

A relation is relative and also superficial... Most of em. :)

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sean | 03/02/2005, 11:50

Well the lines show that u hv come to realise that all relations in life r for some or the other need or hidden profit.U feel a loner and also wish to break away from all realtions.But somewhere in ur heart u long for a new relation where there is no hidden gain but true love care and affection.

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