Get a Life

Jasz "The Spammer" A | 30/01/2005, 03:36 hrs

The all-time worst comment you hear online is the "Jeez!! Get a life".

DUnno why, but this one stings more than any other.

Current Mood: Crude
Current Music: Dream THeatre - Awake

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Responses to Get a Life

  1. yeah, hate that one too, never got one yet.

    PS: Awake....damn good one

  2. Jeez!! Get a life....DA

  3. *

  4. did u get one yet?

  5. oh yeah
    !! many!!
    Mostly when i go on my movie rants

  6. /\ \/ was here...
    Not having life...bolkey :D

  7. You know something... probably 'they' might be right after all /-) ;)

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