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Charming_Light | 02 February, 2005 11:39

We often succumb to what life brings us rather than fighting for what we want. Zus wondering is there something called 'fate', so that we can blame it for our failures or impuissance. Inspite of working hard to achieve what we want, if we do not get it, does that mean that we are a failure? Are we not worthy enough to have it? Everyone would ahve gone thru a phase of life where nothing would have been in our control and we just see the game that the life plays with us. There comes a situation where we need to priotitize things and its sad if one has to forgo their dreams.

                                We dream many things and look forward to pursue them, to make them come true. I do not see anyone who is satisfied with his/ her life inspite of all the luxuries/ comforts he/ she has, if one has not achieved thier dreams. Inspite of all the happiness one enjoys they always have a pinch some where in the corner of their heart that they could not make their dreams come true. It doesn't matter what you have today, all that matters is have you got what you wanted? Time may heal many things but never a heart that hasn't quenched its thirst for making its dreams come true.

                                                                     But still we tend to dream and that is what we are - human beings, always with a hope for betterment. Few are lucky enough to pursue their dreams. We might have to forfiet our dreams for umpteen number of reasons, but all of them being excuses for our cowardiness. If one is ready to take the risk to reach his goal there is nothing that could stop as the whole world conspires in helping you to achieve it.



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george | 02/02/2005, 12:39

So true..everything u say, except the last line..which is again a hopeful hypothesis not a proven fact.

i wish you would write more often.

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ar | 02/02/2005, 12:42

whooaaaa!! wassup with the paragraph spacin missy??!?!??!?!?!?! i mean... thts really deep and disturbing... the way you spaced em out.. makes me sad.. sighhhh

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sean | 03/02/2005, 11:46

The usage of words is good.Flow is fine.It shows that the author was in a mood of venting out thoughts and by the end he/she reached end,was again filled with new vigour for life.

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ar | 03/02/2005, 12:01

alrighttteyyyyyy.... ahem.. sean spoke... so did george.. where's peter?? we can complete this three ring circus.... calling all peters calling all peters.. goddammit... where the hell is peter!?!?!!!!

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-:-PhAT-:- | 03/02/2005, 12:14


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